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About Us


A revered recipient of the coveted CRYSTAL AWARD for licensed skincare professionals, few have been honored with this award given only to those individuals who have worked tirelessly to improve and change the standards of professional aesthetics. Christine Heathman is an aesthetic pioneer responsible for the passage of the first MASTER AESTHETICIAN LICENSE in the United States. The Licensed Master Aesthetician is a progressive licensure requiring hundreds of additional educational hours of study in skin science and hands-on experience. The Master Aesthetic License was launched in Utah followed by Virginia and Washington with other states soon joining in recognizing the advanced licensing mirroring Utah’s high standards.

Christine is a dedicated professional who practices what she preaches. Licensed as a Master Aesthetician in Utah and Washington and licensed Esthetician in California and in Europe, she is also a Licensed Massage and Certified Lymphatic Therapist. Christine also served on the prestigious Esthetician’s Act task force to establish safety guidelines for Utah’s Master license and currently serves on the Utah State Licensing Board representing Master Aesthetics. Members of the board are appointed by the Governor and Christine has been appointed for a second term.


Par Excellence

With 30 years of in-depth science study and hands-on practical experience working with physicians, Christine is the preeminent skin specialist and is recognized as an expert in treating all ethnic skin types and conditions including aging, acne, skin of color, pigmentation, oncology and was the first aesthetician dedicated to specialize in creating unconventional treatments specifically for trauma skin challenges spurred by dermatological, accidental, pre/post-surgical and congenital conditions! An author of hundreds published skin articles over 25 years in many professional journals including Plastic Surgery and a contributing author of a chapter in a aesthetic surgical text, Christine has always been instrumental in shaping professional skin care medically and aesthetically, both domestically and in many other countries, paving the way for skin care to be recognized as an important healthy lifestyle.

Christine is the brainchild, founder, and owner of GlyMed Plus Professional Regenerative Skin Care and leads other aesthetic innovators in the research and development of the most effective, yet often unconventional and progressive skincare protocols. Her skincare products and treatment protocols are used in skincare and medical clinics all over the world.


No Compromise

Christine has never compromised on any ingredient and never will. Her regenerative skin formulations are methodically formulated with the purest nature provides in botanicals, powerful vitamins, and AHA extracts and embracing new science technology working closely with biochemists guiding them until each formulation is perfect. Christine always says “your skin will be older tomorrow than today,” and her skills in formulating focuses on keeping skin acting younger chasing aging away for decades. Many of her clients look younger today than 10 years ago. Why age tomorrow when you have a choice to keep your skin acting and looking younger?

GlyMed Plus Regenerative formulas are void of harmful, harsh, and counterfeit ingredients, chemicals, and animal by-products and testing. Because skin is our most important and complicated immune organ, every GlyMed Plus regenerative formula is specifically engineered to interact synergistically within the skin’s own natural environment. The marriage of the latest scientific breakthroughs with our own biological ecosystem creates conditions perfect for the regeneration of younger acting cells producing more youthful looking skin. Christine attributes much of the efficacy of GlyMed Plus regenerative products to the combination of certified pesticide-free organic ingredients, the latest science, powerfully pure antioxidants, and peak of performance botanicals. Her unwavering demand for the highest levels of quality assurance have long demonstrated her and the company’s integrity present in all GlyMed Plus formulations and generations of individuals attributing great skin to the genius of Christine.



Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa honored Christine by bestowing upon her the prestigious Crystal Award. This award is extended only to those professionals who work endlessly and selflessly to improve the standards of the aesthetics industry. For Christine, this recognition was both well-earned and manifestly deserved. The Crystal Award recognizes the efforts and longevity of those individuals who have given tirelessly over the span of their professional lives to enhance the aesthetics profession. This award is considered by most to be the aesthetic industry’s top honor! As a Medical Master Aesthetician, she was nominated as a “Aesthetic Legend” by Dermascope magazine. Christine has often appeared as a guest expert on popular national TV programs such as The Doctors, The Balancing Act on the Lifetime TV Channel, and many other local and national TV shows.


Passionate And Caring

In addition to her passion for improving the lives of all us humans who need help with our skin, Christine has a great love for animals. She is more than a simple advocate. She is committed to a cruelty-free industry and has set the example to follow for all other beauty industry companies. She has personally rescued countless animals and currently has a wide variety of “rescues” in her life! Her furry friends include many horses, ponies, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and some very unique friends including Penelope, a very full-size pig; Chester, a dromedary (single hump) young camel; Festus, a very stubborn BLM burro; and most recently Wolly Wally, a Scottish Highland Steer. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to join Christine in her crusades on behalf of all animals!


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The Story of GlyMed Plus

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