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Dp Derm LLC is the US distributor for Dp Dermaceuticals -- the first protocol-based skincare line designed to improve and maintain the best possible results when skin needling. Offering multiple customizable options for meso-infusion and combination therapies in-clinic, as well as pre- and post-care at home, Dp Dermaceuticals products were designed to safely guide practitioners and their clients along their journey to their best skin. 

Dp Dermaceuticals range is intended for use in clinic and at home, offering retail as well as backbar packaging, and making home care easy with curated Starter Kits. The Starter Kits take the guesswork out of prescription home care, and cover your clients every skincare need, from cleansing and hydration, to correction and protection from the sun and other environmental factors.

Some of the professional-only products in the range include ÜBER Peels -- peels specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with microneedling, effectively improving the results on in-clinic treatments.

NEW this year is the MG Collection -- a range of procedural super-concentrates packed in single-use, sterile, glass vials equipped with luer-lock compatible nozzles. Each MG formulation features HylaFuse, which a non-cross-linked, triple-weight hyaluronic complex designed to deliver treatment actives deeper into the skin. Most Dp Dermaceuticals, including the majority of items in our MG Collection, feature 10mg per mL of HylaFuse. MG-HA35 and MG-HA35+ however, feature an unprecedented 35mg per mL of this highly compatible and effective hyaluronan complex, a higher concentration than most products on the market today, including cross-linked fillers.

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