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FANIÉ (Fa-naý) – From the people who care... an amazing head-to-toe holistic home care health and beauty system, that is effective and unique. Successfully used by men and women the world over for nearly 50 years, FANIÉ products provide natural, realistic solutions to skin, hair and nail care. Discover for yourself the beauty secret inside every jar of FANIÉ pure botanical products... "No Promises, Just Results."

FANIÉ INTERNATIONAL/WHITE PEARL MANUFACTURING— bringing nature's miraculous health and beauty secrets to you. Unique in every way, our products work by capturing the healthful powers found in nature. Interacting with your own skin and body chemistry, these products produce truly, remarkable, progressive results.
Our FANIÉ products contain compatible ingredients, working as a natural system to help promote natural health and beauty. Our skin care line of cremes, lotions, oils, waters and conditioners contain NO perfumes, waxes, animal products, alcohol or caustic agents. Through enzyme action, our masques tighten, tone and purify the skin. None of our herbal cleansers contain ingredients which can clog pores, strip or dry the skin.

FANIÉ/WHITE PEARL products are designed for use in concert, combining the properties of various products for maximum benefit. These unique formulations function with your own body rhythms to help promote healthy skin and more -- naturally.
Our "CJ" liquid and water soluble vitamins perform beyond the limits of pills or capsules. Containing no binders, fillers, alcohol, sugar, fat or coloring, Our liquid vitamins are the most remarkable advance in true vitamin therapy since vitamin supplements were invented.

FANIÉ International

8-A Faraday
Irvine, CA 92618
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