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Facial And Body Sculpting from Beautiful Image

At Beautiful Image LLC, we are very proud of who we are and what we have accomplished during the 34 years we have been perfecting the use of Microcurrents for the use in facial and body aesthetics. As you will see, we're not the new kid on the block hoping to cash in on someone else's research and development. Beautiful Image was the first company to introduce microcurrent technology to North America over 34 years ago and still to this day is considered the world's leading authority on body and facial sculpting aesthetics.

Still after more than 34 years, the inventor of the Beautiful Image LLC, machines, Mr. Ray Baker, who is the founder and owner of the company sits as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Beautiful Image LLC, and continues to head up all aspects of research, development and clinical trials.

Our first machine was introduced in this country in 1977. Then, in January of 2007 we brought out the Beautiful Image 900, our sixth generation and latest model. The new Beautiful Image 900, is setting new benchmarks for results. Not only will we continue to set future benchmarks for our competition to chase, but we'll continue to lead the way in microcurrent technology for use in facial and body aesthetics.



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2701 W Oakland Park Blvd Ste 310, Fort Lauderdale, 33313, FL, United States
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Microcurrent - Facial and Body Sculpting


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Continuing Education

Education - With our Model 900

Beautiful Image Model 900 is very user friendly.

  • You can easily learn from our two training DVD's
  • We also provide hands on training at your facility
  • We provide a VIP Event where you will be guaranteed to recoup your investment within 90 days


Sales Rep Training

Beautiful Image sales rep training. All Sales Reps are required to come to Fort Lauderdale Florida for one on one training

This is a one day event
During this one day event you will have one on one training with the CEO - Ray Baker
After lunch (furnished by Beautiful Image) you will start with your hands on training
Hands on training will be conducted by Margaret Baker, A.P
Your next step is to go home and practice

Training dates must be scheduled 2 to 4 weeks out.



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