Nutritional and dermatological research has demonstrated that specific and key nutrients are required to ensure the physiological functioning and overall health of the skin. This factor is well recognized by nutritional professionals, along with the premise that simply consuming a balanced diet may not always ensure optimum nutritional status with anticipated benefits or results. Within the realm of nutritional information, there remains one focal determinant…

Essential Waters in the Spa

Written by Cindy Jones, Ph.D.
Distilled plant waters or essential waters are becoming popular in spas. These distilled plant waters can be confusing and go by many names, including hydrolats, floral waters, herbal waters, toilet waters, aqua vitae, and distillates. In the United States, many people call them hydrosols or herbal distillates. Herbal distillates are obtained by distillation in a similar manner to how essential oils are obtained and have…
The body is an amazing machine, but it requires the proper fuel to function at optimal levels. Food provides fuel for the body and the type of fuel a person gives their body can mean the difference between enjoying a healthy, vital life or struggling with exhaustion and illness.
There is a tsunami coming and, fortunately, it is not the kind that leaves havoc and destruction in its wake. On the contrary, it is an immense wave of wellness that has the potential to positively impact the nation's health and well-being. Smart businesses and professionals are strategically deciphering how hold the reins when it hits, not standing on the sidelines watching the wellness wave…
The holidays are here and with them arrive an influx of party invitations; party clothes; delicious foods; and the stress of shopping, family, and expectations. For clients who want to look their best for the holiday season, professionals should encourage them to get out their calendar and plan ahead. They should make their facial appointments well in advance so that their skin is well tended…
In a transient, fast-paced, technological, and diverse world, skin care professionals interact with numerous skin types and conditions that have multiple influences, including genetic traits, lifestyle, and current state of health. Professionals must be prepared for the sensitivities and expectations arising from clients and remain mindful of how technologies interact with skin cells.
In 1910, while working in France at a family-owned cosmetic laboratory – mainly for the development of perfumes – French chemist and scholar, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, received a third degree burn on his hand and forearm. Looking for the nearest cooling agent to calm the severe burn, Gattefosse plunged his arm into a vat of lavender essential oil. The burning sensation slowly diminished and, as he…
The benefits of essential oils in skin care are wide and varied, making them ideally suited for use in many types of facial treatments and for numerous skin types and conditions. What must be clearly understood when selecting essential oils for professional skin care treatments is that not all essential oils are created equal; their quality varies greatly. Therefore, it is vital for professionals to…

Skin Care Dos and Don’ts for Chemotherapy Clients

Written by Julie Bach, executive director of Wellness for Cancer
Proper context is imperative when working with a client who is receiving chemotherapy for cancer. Skin care professionals are not treating cancer; they are working with the presenting conditions of a client and their skin. Presenting conditions can be caused by medical treatments for cancer, side effects from medications, or even nutritional status. According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, at the time of diagnosis,…

Hyperpigmentation Care for Oncology Clients

Written by Melissa M. Montalvo, owner of Pink Horizons Botanical Skin Care™
Anti-cancer therapies, such as chemotherapy, target therapy, and radiotherapy, may cause common dermatological side effects, the most predominate of which is hyperpigmentation. Treatment-induced hyperpigmentation from chemotherapy is believed to directly cause a toxic effect on melanocytes. Hyperpigmentation may result from a response to stimuli such as hormones, irritation, and inflammation and may generally be caused by a weakened or disturbed immune system in oncology clients.
Repêchage Professional Skin Care recently hosted a three day oncology training program for skin care professionals that was presented by Becky Kuehn, founder of Oncology Spa Solutions®. The content for the training course was created by Kuehn, who shared her knowledge, compassion, and experience working with cancer patients from two hospital programs that she created.

Movements, Massage, and Pressure Points for Beautiful, Happy Breasts

Written by Melanie Sachs, co-founder of Diamond Way Ayurveda
Though it is often thought of as a women’s disease, men are also diagnosed with and die from breast cancer.  Fortunately, breast cancer death rates have been falling since the late 1980s, especially among women under the age of 40.

Breast Cancer Awareness in the Spa

Written by Hannah Hatcher, L.E., global educator for jane iredale
The skin care industry revolves around health and self-care, therefore, it is only fitting that skin care professionals support breast cancer awareness in their spas at all times during the year.
By virtue of their extensive training, skin care professionals are confirmed ambassadors of beauty, skin health, and general wellness. The natural health community's impressive impact on the skin care industry is evidenced by the variety of aesthetic product lines that now offer wellness merchandise such as nutrient waters, nutraceutical serums, vegetable facial masks, vitamin supplements, and even collagen candy chews.

10 Things About... Essential Oils

Written by Krista Mckowen, L.E.
Essential oils play an important role in skin care. Because the skin reacts to emotions, the effect of inhalation in the form of aromatherapy can be a powerful addition to aesthetics.
While the thought of putting slimy, green seaweed on a client’s face may not sound so appealing, marine seaweed, also referred to as alga, has become the ingredient of choice in skin care today. More than likely, clients have been using it for some time without even realizing it. Everything from facial cleansers and toners to serums and night creams touts some variation of this…
While supplements and healthy eating are not often thought of as aesthetic staples, they are vital to skin health and overall wellness. Dietary supplements provide nutrients to the body that may not be obtained in sufficient quantities.

Personal Identity Influences on Autoimmune Skin Diseases

Written by Anne C. Willis, L.E., C.M.E., founder and CEO of De La Terre Skincare®
Autoimmune skin disorders are a 21st century phenomenon that is deeply rooted in the way people live their lives. Currently, about 23.5 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases, a number that is steadily rising. The role of the immune system in keeping people safe and how it goes from defending to attacking the body is largely due to a lack of sleep, erratic diets, emotional…

To Think or Not to Think: The Power of Positive Thinking

Written by Michelle D’Allaird-Brenner, L.E., owner of Aesthetic Science Institute
We have long heard of the impact and power of positive thinking. The premise that when you think positive thoughts, you behave in positive ways and positive energy come back to you. The interesting thing is that the majority of people spend more time and energy debating this premise, arguing its validity and doubting its truth, than simply practicing it. Why is it human nature…

Ayurveda and the Three Doshas

Written by Niika Quistgard, C.A.S., L.M.B.T., , clinical ayurvedic specialist and founder of Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women
The word ‘Ayurveda’ has been cropping up a lot lately, riding into mainstream awareness on the coattails of Ayurveda’s enormously-popular sister science, yoga. Clients are also increasingly interested in Ayurvedic therapies and products.Like yoga, Ayurveda arose from a rich tradition of ancient Indian health science, abundant with practices to enhance the health, beauty, and longevity of royalty and sages thousands of years ago.

Breath Work Infusing Mindfulness into Your Service

Written by Julie Bach, L.E., executive director of Wellness for Cancer
One of the great things about breath work is that there are many opportunities to practice breathing throughout the day. Breath work can become part of any professional’s own self-care practice and client-facing session. Professionals can incorporate different breathing techniques into their own life and with their clients, before, during, and after sessions. Teach clients that breath work is the first step to developing a…

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