Hempfield Botanicals, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania manufacturer of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products, introduced its line of oral and face oils. Created in the company’s food-grade, cGMP facility, the new products are triple tested to ensure safety and have a level of purity, consistency, and quality that is above and beyond that of other products in the marketplace.
In creating its oral oils, Hempfield Botanicals works side-by-side with two licensed compounding pharmacists with expertise in the cannabis industry, John Spagnola, R. Ph. and Tzuo-Zen Lee. Each oil is blended in a base of easily digestible hemp seed oil and contains a compounded blend of individual terpenes to enhance effectiveness and create a specific response within the body.
“We are thrilled to introduce these two new product lines to customers who have been interested in CBD products but wary of all the hype out there from companies that don’t use sound product development and manufacturing practices,” shared the company’s owner, Heather Kreider. “Now, consumers can have the confidence that the CBD products they buy and use have a solid foundation of research and commitment to standards behind them.”




Southeastern Esthetics Institute has added even more elective options for students to take while they are training to become a licensed aesthetician. In addition to the phenomenal program Southeastern Esthetics Institute already has, they have started incorporating different, optional electives that students can take. The electives include a variety of six-hour makeup, microchanneling, eyelash extensions, radio frequency skin tightening classes, and more.
There is one class that students and spa professionals have the option to take that has a positive impact on them and those they treat. Southeastern Esthetics Institute has partnered with Oncology Spa Solutions to provide different, three-day trainings on treating those who have or have had cancer. It is dedicated to educating students to safely, compassionately, and confidently care for their clients while the are experiencing cancer and the side effects of treatments.
Southeastern Esthetics Institute prides itself on consistently challenging students to push their boundaries and expectations of themselves to make them better aestheticians. In the most recent oncology class, Jessica Cooley, oncology trainer, stated that, “Aestheticians, when properly trained, can prepare, protect, and soothe skin conditions that may arise from cancer and its many treatments. No client should ever be turned away due to a cancer diagnosis.” Jessi Waller, a student who took the course was enthralled with the program. “Everyone can relate on the topic of skin care because everyone is either dry, oily, combination, acne prone, and so forth; however, not everyone can relate on the topic of cancer. Without the knowledge that this amazing course gives you, aestheticians would not know how much you can help someone through our power of touch and care. The most significant part of the oncology aesthetics course was how easy we as aestheticians can modify our treatments in order to take care of clients who have gone through such a traumatic experience like a cancer diagnosis, chemo, and radiation therapy. Aestheticians are always taught that cancer is a contraindication and, even though that is true, with this education and certification, I now value that I don’t have to turn anyone away.”
Overall, Southeastern Esthetics Institute strives to create the best, most informed, talented aestheticians in the industry. In doing so, Southeastern Esthetics Institute hopes to send students into the professional world where they too can give back to the community around them, doing their very best in what they are trained in.


The Skin Cancer Foundation kicks off the third year of its mobile education and screening program, “Destination: Healthy Skin,” on Monday, May 13 in New York City, New York. The program is designed to save lives by educating the public about the importance of early detection for skin cancer, as well as effective sun protection for skin cancer prevention.
Inside the “Destination: Healthy Skin” RV, local volunteer dermatologists will provide free full-body skin cancer screenings in customized private exam rooms. Participants will receive information about skin cancer warning signs and proper sun protection. This year, for the first time, the foundation will offer participants the opportunity to have a high-technology facial image scan to examine sub-surface sun damage, utilizing the Canfield Reveal imager system. This is another opportunity to educate participants about the effects of cumulative sun damage and the importance of consistent sun protection.
With this program, the foundation seeks to highlight the need for sun safety, regardless of activity or location, by visiting communities that represent various lifestyles. “Destination: Healthy Skin” events will be held in beach communities, mountain towns, urban, suburban, and rural areas. The “Destination: Healthy Skin” RV will travel approximately 10,000 miles over three months, making its way around the country before returning to the east coast in August for the final event of the season in Greenwich, Connecticut. The foundation will host “Destination: Healthy Skin” two-day events in 18 cities.
“We’re excited to continue this beloved program as we work toward our goal of reducing the incidence and mortality of the world’s most common cancer,” says Skin Cancer Foundation President Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD. “This program is a free public health service that allows us to reach thousands of people in a short period of time. It is an optimal way to educate the public about skin cancer and reach those who may not have the time or means to visit a dermatologist in-office.”
In the first two years of the program, the foundation provided more than 2,000 free skin cancer screenings. Over 85 volunteer dermatologists identified more than 550 suspected skin cancers, while thousands of visitors learned about prevention and early detection.
The RV’s journey will be documented on the program website, the foundation’s Sun and Skin News blog, and social media channels so that people will be able to follow along, thus expanding the reach of the program beyond the communities visited.


Over 150 skin care and spa professionals from over 15 countries joined Repêchage at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, New York, for the launch of the next generation of clinically-proven, sustainably-harvested, seaweed skin care: the new Repêchage Vita Cura Gold Collection.
Guest speakers at the event also included Lynelle Lynch, founder and owner of Bellus Academy and president of Beauty Changes Lives, and Paul Dykstra, CEO of Cosmetologists Chicago and CIDESCO USA. Lynelle Lynch shared with attendees the way Beauty Changes Lives is affecting the professional beauty industry. Beauty Changes Lives is a nonprofit organization driven to make the beauty profession a first-choice career by empowering individuals with mentorship, inspiration, and scholarships. To help do that, the organization is guiding prospective students throughout their entire career path from being a student to a seasoned professional and business owner.
Paul Dykstra discussed CIDESCO International and CIDESCO USA, the world’s major international beauty therapy associations. CIDESCO is an internationally recognized organization. Its mission is to ensure the highest possible standard of excellence through uniting membership internationally, accrediting schools to teach a CIDESCO syllabus, promoting CIDESCO certifications in skin care and body care, and accrediting top salons and spas to guarantee the highest standards. Dykstra shared the recent advancements for CIDESCO USA, which includes launching programs this year at Bellus Academy. As Chairman of CIDESCO USA, Lydia Sarfati will work closely with the organization to positively impact the future of aesthetics education and professionalism in the United States.


Novopelle Medical Spa, a physician-supervised medical spa, has announced the opening of their brand new location in McKinney, Texas. Novopelle Medical Spa has been in business for more than 10 years and McKinney marks the company’s fifth location.
The new location offers a wide variety of services, including beauty spa services from chemical peels to injectables, as well as weight loss solutions. The spa offers a unique membership program known as Novo Pass, which allows members to choose between a variety of services each month and also grants them discounted services.
Alan Hernandez, co-founder said, “I’m excited to be opening our fifth location. We have taken our time to grow our brand to ensure we deliver premium products, utilizing the latest technology. We strive to make our services affordable, accessible, and unique.”
The Novopelle Medical Spa website features a blog with educational information about the latest trends in the beauty industry. Typically, many think of medical spas as being exclusive to women, but that is not the case. In fact, men are outspending women by 13% in medical spas. A recent survey by the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) revealed that millennials account for 20% of medical spa clients and, as millennials enter their prime income-earning years, the numbers will increase. Brian Durocher reported that men are going to go from 10% of the marketplace to 30% in the next decade due to male millennials.
“At Novopelle we are passionate in helping men and women, young or old, look and feel their best,” said Hernandez.


The American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) announced that more than 720 physicians passed its board certification test administered in February 2019. The number of physicians who are board-certified in obesity medicine now exceeds 3,370 in the United States and Canada. A record 726 examinees passed the ABOM exam, establishing obesity medicine as one of the fastest growing fields in medicine. This represents a 27% increase in the total number of ABOM diplomats compared to the previous year.

Year Number of ABOM Diplomats
2019 3,377
2018 2,656
2017 2,073
2016 1,587
2015 1,155
2014 798
2013 589

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity affects nearly 40% of the United States adults and is associated with higher risks for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and other musculoskeletal and vascular problems. Obesity has been officially recognized as a disease by the American Medical Association since 2013 and most doctors want to help patients lose weight. However, physicians often have little or no training in weight management and nutrition and are unfamiliar with appropriate management and treatment guidelines.
“The growth of obesity medicine board certification mirrors the rise in interest among physicians seeking a more evidence-based approach to treating patients coping with obesity,” said Dana Brittan, ABOM executive director.
According to Dr. Rekha Kumar, medical director for ABOM, board certification sends a strong signal to patients and referring physicians in the community that the diplomat is prepared to help address the complex challenges that obesity presents.
Many physicians are more comfortable treating the problems caused by obesity rather than the disease itself. However, Dr. Kumar said the increase in the number of physicians and specialties achieving ABOM diplomat status demonstrates significant interest from the medical community in understanding effective treatment options and practical tools for obesity and weight management.
“ABOM certification has the potential to add value to hospitals and other medical institutions that want to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise their staff contributes to patient care and research,” Kumar said.
“ABOM diplomats come from a wide spectrum of medical disciplines and specialists, with primary care specialties comprising the largest number of diplomats,” said Dr. John Cleek, ABOM board chairman. “The strong showing from the primary care community is promising because PCPs are often in the best position to treat obesity,” said Dr. Cleek
The 726 physicians who passed the most recent ABOM certification exam include internists, family physicians, endocrinologists, pediatricians, surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, and gastroenterologists, along with numerous other specialists.
Certification as an ABOM diplomat signifies specialized knowledge in the practice of obesity medicine and distinguishes a physician as having achieved competency in obesity care, with ABOM diplomats incorporating obesity medicine into their everyday practices or devoting themselves full-time to the treatment of obesity. The number of first-time ABOM certificates issued annually now exceeds those of other fields, such as infectious disease, endocrinology, and rheumatology.


Nectar Essences and Mana Artisan Botanics hosted an event for spa directors, managers, and lead therapists at Makana Esthetics Academy on Oahu, Hawaii. The Elevate Healing Event was a fun day of education, treatments, and networking. The two companies showcased their products, as well as performed treatments and classes about vibrational healing, gemstone therapy, and CBD – the hottest trends in the spa industry.
“The goal of the event was to spend more time with buyers and introduce them to our products. Both Nectar Essences and Mana Artisan Botanics were developed in a therapeutic environment to support holistic well-being. In order to effectively share our philosophies, we decided to host our own event – allowing us to share various tools and techniques aligned with energy medicine, aromatherapy, flower essences, gem elixirs, and the use of CBD in the spa environment. We wanted to create the space and place for spa directors and their teams to learn about and take time to experience our products,” says Jenny Pao, founder of Nectar Essences.
Nectar Essences’ morning session focused on a series of experiences using aromatherapy activated with flower essences and gem elixirs, combined with breath work, visualization and sound healing. The hands-on demonstration of the Quantum GEMFLEUR technique was the hit of the session, as it taught a game-changing healing technique that is easily added into any spa treatment. Calm+ remedy combined with gemstone charged massage oil were applied to activation points on the hands and feet. Attendees witnessed the volunteers relaxing within one minute of holding the activation points. Spa directors were excited to take this energy healing techniques back to their therapists. Select buyers also experienced 30-minute treatments with Nectar Essences healing remedies.
The Mana Artisan Botanics team led an afternoon session educating guests on how to choose effective and sustainable, CBD-rich hemp products. Attendees learned about the company’s topicals and ingestibles, as well as CEO Steve Sakala’s regenerative agriculture farm in Kona, Hawaii. The team also shared helpful information, such as the difference between full-spectrum hemp and isolates and the right questions to ask to ensure purity and potency. Attendees received chair massages with the company’s hemp massage oil and hemp balm.
“Spa directors are overwhelmed with all of the CBD products that are coming on the market and they want to know what they can trust,” says Steve Sakala, CEO of Mana Artisan Botanics. “My hope is that educating the Hawaii spa industry will encourage them to demand organic, sustainably-grown cannabis products. To further this goal, we joined the Hawaii Spa Association to continue as a resource for the islands as they implement CBD programs. We are grateful that the HI-Spa board members participated in the event!”


Travelers planning ahead for a fall vacation can now reserve their stay at the future Mirbeau Inn and Spa Rhinebeck, starting May 1. The 50-room resort will make its debut in early autumn – just in time for leaf peeping in a town singled out as one of the top 10 foliage spots in the United States. It is the third resort in a growing Northeast portfolio by The Mirbeau Companies.
Just two hours from Manhattan in the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley, Mirbeau Inn and Spa Rhinebeck is tucked into 2.8 secluded acres – just a short stroll from the specialty shops, flourishing food scene, and strong arts culture of Rhinebeck’s historic center. Like its award-winning sister resorts in Skaneateles, New York and Plymouth, Massachusetts, Mirbeau Inn and Spa Rhinebeck is designed to bring balance to modern living, with gracious accommodations, a world-class spa, and a French-inspired American dining experience, Bistro & Wine Bar. Guests can enjoy every modern comfort within the ambience of an old-world, chic, Parisian hotel, without the need for a passport.


Lycored, an international wellness company at the forefront of the ingestible skin care market, announced the successful unveiling of its new holistic wellness initiative, Cycle of Glow. In a five-day interactive, experiential pop-up in New York City, New York, Lycored showcased the real-life education surrounding their latest breakthrough skin health research findings.
Lycored’s newest body of skin health research revealed how supplementation of Lycoderm, a carotenoid-rich tomato nutrient complex, allows for the proper nourishment of body and skin, while also balancing the skin’s response to ultraviolet rays. To celebrate the launch of these findings, Lycored created an interactive pop-up shop experience that would educate consumers on the key components of this study, but through the concept of the Cycle of Glow. Specifically, visitors to the space were guided through the three stages of Lycored’s Cycle of Glow: Nourish, Balance, and Sustain, where they sipped from complexion-boosting, carotenoid-rich juices at the Journey Juice Bar, wrote their own personal Letters of Love, played skin health games, and interacted with a multi-touchscreen Pops of Positivity wall.
“The Cycle of Glow highlights Lycored’s commitment to pursuing holistic wellness through nutrition (Nourish), supplementation (Balance), and activities that have a positive impact on our well-being (Sustain). And, what better way to bring these three core concepts to life than through a completely immersive and interactive pop-up experience,” said Zev Ziegler, head of global brand and marketing at Lycored.
“By utilizing the Cycle of Glow, we were able to highlight the importance of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle, weaving in the benefits of littleglow for a person’s well-being and findings from our latest skin health research to support the importance of balance – how a skin-conscious lifestyle means caring for our skin on the inside just as much as we do on the outside,” continued Ziegler. “I’m proud of what we were able to achieve with this pop-up experience as we continue to educate everyone on the Cycle of Glow.”
During the week, Lycored also held a morning spin class for members of the media, as well as an evening discussion with a leading dermatologist and industry expert panellists, Lycored’s Head of Science and Nutrition, Karin Hermoni, PhD, who gave an educational presentation on Lycored’s newly published, ingestible skin care research titled, “Tomato Phytonutrients Balance UV Response: Results from a Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study.”


Pioneering clean beauty brand, jane iredale, celebrates 25 years of global expansion in the professional and retail channels with a range of products designed to promote healthy skin. The milestone anniversary coincides with a retail partnership at Bergdorf Goodman.
Founded by former casting director and producer, Jane Iredale, the brand entered the market in 1994 with a first-of-its-kind product: a loose mineral foundation designed to enhance the health of the skin. The coverage and skin care properties were unparalleled and it was quickly adopted by plastic surgeons and dermatologists for its unique benefits. The line expanded to include more than 400 color cosmetics, skin care, and nutritional supplements all designed with a holistic approach to beauty and clean formulations. This proposition has attracted skin care therapists, professional makeup artists, and consumers and has fueled the brand’s recent online growth and retail channel opportunities. It has also paved the way for clean, cruelty-free, skin-nourishing cosmetics brands.
“It’s been 25 years of growth and excitement, watching the industry change to a degree where it’s hardly recognizable,” says Jane Iredale, founder and CEO of Iredale Cosmetics, Inc. “We’ve played a large role in that transformation, which has been immensely satisfying. Our launch in Bergdorf Goodman this month feels like a reward for many years of hard work.”
jane iredale will have a strong in-store presence on the beauty floor at Bergdorf Goodman with a curated assortment of almost 200 products, including all vegan foundations with select eye, cheek, and lip products. The distinct value of high-performance products with clean formulations positions the brand for success with the Bergdorf shopper. The brand will also be available on their website.


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