Industry leader and founder of CA Botana, Dr. Dieter Kuster, passed away unexpectedly at the beginning of March 2018. Kuster was affectionately known as the “Einstein of Emulsion Technology.” With glowing skin and not a wrinkle or line on his face, he was his own best example of his innovative skin care research, which resulted in many new or advanced products and treatments.


Kuster was young at heart, in appearance, and demeanor, but also in his business approach. Always the scientist, Kuster was continuously investigating new, or better, formulations. One of his breakthrough achievements was the development of the highly-acclaimed Molecular Penetrator Alphasomes, an advanced delivery system to increase product effectiveness. Other pioneering work included target-specific enzymes and superior peptide technology.


Throughout his more than 50 years in the cosmetic trade, he developed over 4,000 products. He conducted clinical trials and product testing and was an internationally sought out lecturer in his field. Kuster was published in numerous trade publications and was the subject of many magazine and newspaper articles.


Kuster’s life was an authentic success story. Time and again, he triumphed over hardship and sorrow. His optimistic spirit and can-do attitude kept him moving forward in life and business in a positive direction.


Kuster leaves behind an incredible legacy of personal and professional achievement. He will not be forgotten.

In Memoriam: Joel Gerson – AIA Academy of Legends 1987

Written by by Annette Hanson, founder of Atelier Esthétique Institute, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 2009

JoelGersonLegendarticle 2

On January 31, 2018, we gathered together to celebrate the life of Joel Gerson – my friend, my colleague, and my neighbor. He passed away at age 83 after a wonderful life and groundbreaking career in aesthetics.


Joel Gerson was a prolific representative of the aesthetics industry. In addition to having been an inspiration to countless incoming students, he was an international ambassador of American aesthetics. His influence reached every corner of our industry. His charm and whit preceded him and his passing is a great loss to all who love the profession – and the man. - DERMASCOPE Magazine


Joel’s textbook, “Milady’s Standard Textbook for Professional Estheticians,” forever changed the field of aesthetics. He was among the first to put the industry’s practices down in text, which provided benchmarks to be followed. In doing so, Joel wrote so much more than a textbook – he created direction and standards that may have shaped the industry. Without his work, the field may not have become what it is today.



For me, Joel’s accomplishments cannot be separated from my memories of the man himself. He had a unique personality and strong sense of humor – one never knew what he was going to say. I remember when he introduced me as a speaker at a beauty congress. After explaining to the audience that I needed no introduction, he stopped in surprise and announced, “Wow, Annette! You’ve lost so much weight – tell us how you did it.”



Joel’s brother, Richard, organized the gathering that celebrated his life. Although Richard lived in California, he and Joel remained close their whole lives. Naturally, Richard hosted the celebration in Joel’s apartment building on 73rd and Madison in Manhattan. It was there that Joel happily spent his last days. He never missed one of the building’s weekly Wednesday Happy Hours in the special event room, where he socialized with all his neighbors and friends, while his friend Scott played the piano. Scott returned that evening to play for all of us one last time, along with colleague Paul Dykstra, CEO of Chicago Cosmetologists, who flew in especially for the occasion.


JoelGersonLegendarticle 3

The crowd in the room that evening was a “who’s who” of the aesthetics industry. Susanne Warfield, executive director of the NCEA, was there celebrating the life of our close friend. For years, Joel and I got together with Susanne to celebrate our birthdays at Capsouto Frères, an old restaurant downtown, by sipping on dirty martinis at the bar before discussing the latest advancements in skin care over dinner and chocolate soufflés. Even after his retirement, Joel’s passion for the field never waned – and neither did his penchant for a colorful comment. Conversations with Joel were always entertaining and his sharp sense of humor left an impression on everyone he met.


I was caught off guard and broke into laughter, forgetting any apprehension I may have had about addressing the group. Thanks to Joel and his quick quip, I was immediately both knocked off balance and flushed with confidence. At the time, I was surprised, but looking back, I should have expected that from him. Joel always kept everyone on his toes with his wit and he had an amazing way of genuinely building up others and helping them succeed.


Lydia Safarti, owner of Repechage Skin Care, spoke about her friendship with Joel. Joel was there to share her joy when her two daughters got married and to support her when her parents passed. For Lydia, Joel was a friend who became family. 

JoelGersonLegendarticle 4

A couple of instructors from the Christine Valmy Esthetics School were also in attendance. Joel was one of the first skin care teachers at the school when it opened in 1965, which made it especially meaningful that they came to pay their respects.



Joel, like I, wanted standards in the industry. Without a license and guidelines, there could be no profession. As the science of aesthetics progressed, and, especially, as it became more medically-advanced, education and licensure became a must. Partly because we shared that passion, and partly because we purely enjoyed each other’s company, Joel and I had a standing Sunday brunch date for years.



I also had the pleasure of hosting Joel many times as a guest lecturer at Atelier Esthétique; and each time, my students were fascinated by his personality, knowledge, and passion for teaching about skin care.



While Joel slowed down a bit at the end of his life, he remained as involved as he could in the field for as long as he could, simply because he loved it. He loved the people, the business, the science, and the developments that continued to be made.


For me, Joel’s passing has left a void in the industry almost as large as the wonderful impression he made on all of us during his life.


Members of AIA’s Academy of Legends look back on Joel Gerson:


I met Joel Gerson in the early 1970s at Christine Valmy. We both were much younger and starting out. My first impression of him was how much of a visionary he was. I have the highest regard for him. Our paths crossed often through the years. The industry is fortunate to have him as an achiever and incredible author who brought the most important information to the forefront in his textbooks. He created the skin care bible for our industry and for that we are all grateful.”


Lia Schorr, owner of Lia Schorr Institute, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 1991



A consummate professional, he raised the bar on industry standards and education. His contributions will be remembered as his work continues to influence aestheticians around the world.” Rhonda Allison, founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 2016


Joel Gerson lived a few blocks away from where I had my first office and spa on the upper east side of Manhattan, before I moved to California. When we met, I didn’t know who he was because I had recently moved from Paris to New York.


One afternoon, Joel walked into my brownstone’s retail store with an endearing smile on his face. The place was crowded. He walked straight to me, introduced himself, and said, ‘I’m Joel Gerson and I’m on the cover of this magazine,’ [holding up DERMASCOPE].




In that moment, I met both a man with whom I would have insightful conversations for years to come who helped elevate our industry, and DERMASCOPE – the magazine that influenced our industry so much.


I remember every detail of that first meeting. Joel was humble, easy going, and unselfish – sharing knowledge with aestheticians everywhere. I’m sad Joel is gone, but he remains a positive influence as an educator and warm human being.” Catherine Atzen, founder of ATZEN Superior to Organic® Skin Care, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 2016


Joel was an educator who brought out the best in his aesthetic students and demanded they practice with the utmost perfection. Joel was serious about aesthetics and helped bring respect to our industry – that aestheticians are not cream pushers, but as valued as medical personnel.” Christine Heathman, L.M.E, founder of GlyMed Plus, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 2008




Joel and I shared so many things – a birthday, our love of the skin care industry, and a desire to share our knowledge. Joel always made himself available for lectures and teaching events for the Skin Care Association of America. We had so many trade show and teaching adventures over the years, as professional skin therapy developed in the United States. He was a true innovator and friend.” 

 Kay Acuazzo, past president of the Skin Care Association of America, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 1989




Joel Gerson was my friend, my dear mentor, and my inspiration. He was a true pioneer in esthetic education, the author of the definitive ‘Standard Textbook for Professional Estheticians,’ aesthetic examiner for the New York Department of State, and the leading educator responsible for maintaining standards of excellence in aesthetics. Yet, Gerson was more than a professional mentor. Since 1974, Joel was my friend, part of my family – my “mishpucha” – and I have been blessed to know him. He never missed holidays with David and me. I will always keep him in my heart and will miss him very, very dearly. May his soul rest in peace.” Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO of Repêchage, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 1991


Joel was one of the people who wanted to see my demonstration in New York on my first visit. It was always a pleasure to meet him on my visit to the United States. He was an influence in the skin care profession. I hope the long journey brings him peace and well-deserved rest.” Eve Taylor, O.B.E., founder of Eve Taylor North America, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 2014


Joel was a pioneer and visionary in aesthetics education. He set a standard of professionalism and theory that created the foundation for the aesthetics industry today. I considered him a friend and colleague. He will be fondly remembered and forever in the hearts of all who knew him.” Catherine E. Hinds, founder of the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 1990


Joel Gerson was a pioneer in the skin care industry. I loved his lectures. They were always easy to understand. Most of all, his lectures were amusing and funny. I used his aesthetics book in my skin care classes. Joel will be remembered for his dry wit and fun personality.” Letti Lynn, aesthetics director and owner at Letti Lynn Skin Care & Cosmetics, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 1987



One of the biggest struggles of an industry like ours is consistency, cohesiveness, and a unified front to push forward and continue to raise the bar. Joel was at the forefront of unifying the aesthetics profession to commit to core education and the continued growth of knowledge and expertise.” Michelle D’Allaird-Brenner, L.E., owner of Aesthetic Science Institute, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 2017


Joel Gerson championed the writing of a pioneering textbook. I have a signed copy of his original. When I wrote ‘Skin Care: Beyond the Basics,’ he called me and was so supportive. Joel always had the advancement of the profession at heart. He had an amazing sense of humor. We enjoyed many lunches and dinners together discussing the progress of the industry. He was a mentor and trailblazer. I will miss him and always hold him in great respect for his boldness in establishing an anchor in aesthetics education.” Mark Lees, founder of Mark Lees Skin Care, inducted into the AIA Academy of Legends in 1990

NovaLash’s annual LASHOff was held in Houston, Texas in 2018. At the event, the Lash Artist of the Year was selected – an honor bestowed on the top eyelash artist from the company’s international roster of eyelash extension professionals. Finalists for this award submit a collection of videos and photographs to showcase skill and an eye for giving clients the perfect NovaLash look. Tonje Fjeldberg Elshaug of ĽAlfáz del Pi, Spain was named 2018 Lash Artist of the Year. “To win Lash Artist of the Year is truly my dream come true,” Elshaug said. “It makes me feel that anything is possible. If you never give up, have big dreams, and work hard, you can achieve your dreams.” As Lash Artist of the Year, Elshaug will receive over $25,000 in cash and prizes as well as advertising, marketing, and travel opportunities with NovaLash.

In 2022, a new commercial hub for companies from the cosmetics industry will be erected in Pascalstrasse, a business park in Aachen, Oberforstbach, Germany. Janssen and Inspira are building an office building there as a multipurpose hall for packaging and shipping cosmetics. In this building the products will be shipped to consumers as well as spas in Germany, France, and England. Janssen Cosmetics GmbH has been based in this area since 2000. The company is a worldwide distributor of cosmetic products for beauty salons and spas and currently employs 34 people. As the company grows, two new buildings will be added to the present headquarters in Aachen Oberforstbach – an administrative building, with a new training center, and a building for logistics, in order to meet the demands of an increasing number of shipments. This development, along with increasing sales, will create more jobs in the area and a collaboration with the regional, economic-development program, Regionales Wirtschaftsförderungsprogramm (RWP.NRW).

As of this month, natural and organic, professional skin care brand, Eminence Organic Skin Care, has reached a momentous mark, having planted 10 million trees through their successful Forests for the Future program. Since 2012, Eminence has planted a tree for every retail product sold. The trees are planted through the brand’s Forests for the Future program, which helps train farmers in developing countries on how to build productive and sustainable Forest Gardens. The development of these Forest Gardens in rural communities empowers local people to restore their environment, grow their own food, and build a sustainable income and future their communities. Eminence is proud to contribute to the development of these Forest Garden Projects. A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year, while also providing a habitat for biodiversity and helping combat climate change.

During the month of October 2017, RevitaLash Cosmetics elevated its year-round support of breast cancer awareness and research by introducing a special campaign and partnership with Look Good Feel Better. The organization offers beauty techniques to women with cancer to help them feel empowered and confident as they go through cancer treatment. Look Good Feel Better received a portion of proceeds from the sale of each pink-packaged RevitaLash Cosmetics product sold in October. “We are proud, and honored,” said CEO and founder of RevitaLash Cosmetics, Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D., “to know our products can help make a difference in women’s lives and benefit the wonderful services the Look Good Feel Better Foundation is providing to help women with cancer feel beautiful and confident as they go through this difficult time.” Louanne Roark, executive director of the Look Good Feel Better Foundation said, “We are thrilled to have partnered with RevitaLash Cosmetics. Their generous donation will help us serve more women with cancer through our free workshops, at home, online, and virtual services. We are grateful for RevitaLash Cosmetics’ belief in and support of this extraordinary program that gives women a renewed sense of hope, control, and normalcy in a situation that is far from normal.” Philanthropy is at the core of the RevitaLash Cosmetics’ brand. They strive to instill a sense of hope into those struggling with cancer.

Pevonia International, LLC is seeking a national director of education. The national director of education (NDOE) is a brand ambassador for Pevonia International, LLC and its related brands. The NDOE is responsible for hands-on management, support, leading, mentoring, and coaching of corporate educators and direct sales account executives. In addition, the NDOE participates in and supports sales, marketing, and educational programs and objectives. Examples of this include: new account campaigns, new product launches, promotions, educational classes, attendee certifications and incentives programs, trade shows, state board visits, regional meetings, and national sales meetings.

To apply for this position, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For complete details of this posting visit

CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy, announces the results of its annual makeup and body art competition, which took place in September of 2017 at the 65th CIDESCO World Congress in Mumbai, India.


Open to both students and professionals, and designed to identify and reward the world’s most skilled and creative makeup artists, the competition delivers awe-inspiring results year after year, with the quality and creativity of work produced increasing each time.
This year’s entrants were tasked with creating unique looks on the theme of Five Elements of Nature. Supporting the wider theme of the congress, Nurture through Nature, the makeup competition allowed artists to create theatrical, full-body artworks that drew inspiration from the earth’s most beautiful, natural components.


image2revisedEntrants celebrated the power and volatility of nature with their artwork. Winning the student category was Bhushan Sutar, with his subject, The Importance of Being in Nature. Runners up were Manisha Gauhane, with Creation of the Universe, and Swati Vangi, with Water and Fire Disaster.


In the professional category, Kiran Manjrekar took first place with his subject Mother Nature. Runners up were Jiten Giri, with Pancha Mahabuta, ― a Sanskrit term meaning “five great elements,” and Ashish Galande,  with The Relationship between the 5 Elements of Nature & God.


The winning artists created dramatic body art using props, prosthetics, exceptional-quality makeup, and hairstyling to enhance their ideas. The competition called for all areas of the body on display to emulate the artist’s theme within a five hour period. The artists then presented their work on stage accompanied by music they selected themselves to support the concept of their art. The judging panel was made up of some of CIDESCO’s most experienced professionals, including Godard Koremans, Joma de Roos, Julie Lew, Julia Leone, Jyotsna Thopte, and Beverley Crowther.


Ginamarie Products celebrates 40 year anniversary

Ginamarie Products is celebrating 40 years providing holistic skin care and clean cosmetics. The company is expanding their wholesale division to licensed aestheticians, cosmetologists, and nail technicians. This professional skin care and clean cosmetic line specializes in meeting the requirements of skin as an organ, as well as offering both home-use and spa treatments. With over 60 years of experience in the beauty industry, Ginamarie Products were formulated not only to be effective, holistic, and beneficial for the skin, but also to deliver immediate results. In addition, Ginamarie Products offers complimentary on-site training to spas and salons, as well as continuing education hours for Illinois-licensed individuals who become part of the Ginamarie wholesale division.               

Rhonda Allison Announces Details of 2018 Advanced Education RA Symposium

Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, a leader in professional skin care and advanced aesthetics, will hold the 2018 Rhonda Allison National Symposium on April 22 to 25 in Beaver Creek, Colorado. This advanced education conference aims to helpaesthetic professionals grow their businesses and expand their knowledge.

The RA Symposium will feature sessions on advanced techniques, treatments to address specific skin issues, marketing, and networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Rhonda Allison, founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals.

“The first RA Symposium was a success with aesthetic professionals coming together to deepen their knowledge, network and re-energize,” said Shannon Esau, director of education at Rhonda Allison. “We’re bringing the symposium back in 2018 with a new curriculum that focuses on the latest advancements in aesthetics – whether a new or a returning attendee, the experience will be invaluable.”

Guest speakers and RA educators at the symposium are scheduled to lead sessions covering a variety of essential topics, including hands-on techniques, stem cells and DNA repair, acne in-depth, how to increase profits, creating a signature facial, merchandising strategies, and more!

The symposium will be held at the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch on Beaver Creek Mountain. The cost to attend is $1,800, which includes a three-night stay at the resort, a dinner event for the attendee and a guest, three days packed full of education, and numerous other perks.

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