A Place of Peace

Written by Andrea Gregaydis, L.E., lead instructor at the Aesthetic Science Institute

A smile, an attentive posture, and a nod of acknowledgement all sound like simple actions. But they can all have a profound effect on overall environment and client and staff morale.

Many aestheticians wear many hats and are regularly surrounded by people. They are privileged to work in a profession where they can make other people feel special, amazing, and confident about themselves. That, in turn, can often increase the professional’s own personal self-worth and brighten his or her own day.

A bad attitude can equally influence other individuals. Consider a day when someone in the spa’s environment comes in and is having a bad day. Rather than shaking it off at the door and restarting the day on a positive note, they slump through with a frown and a bad attitude. What happens to the rest of the people at the spa? It spreads like wildfire and negativity abounds.

Negativity is a toxin. Aestheticians know better than anyone what toxins do to the body if not properly flushed out. The toxin of negativity can be detrimental to emotional and mental well-being. It can be all consuming and ruin a person’s day without them even realizing it.

When it comes to negativity – whether from a staff member or client – it is important to address the issue head on. A simple statement like “Let’s talk about what is bothering you and work this out” can be monumental in turning things around. With a simple smile, professionals can set the tone and keep toxic vibes at bay.

In the spa, positivity is an energy source. It is the motor that keeps the car driving. Even on bad days or in sad moments, negative energy has no place in a client’s space. The job is to provide them with exceptional service, make them feel special, and tend to their skin care concerns. Often, the client is going through their own negative experiences – a bad day at work, divorce, family struggles, the loss of a loved one. It is key to make their moments at the spa a time of peace. Each professional has a choice each day to change the course of their day through their attitude.

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