Patrick Johnson

Written by CEO and president of BioPhotas, Inc.

Patrick Johnson is the CEO of BioPhotas, Inc. and the inventor of the award-winning Celluma. He has served as a senior executive in medical device companies, both public and private, for over 20 years. Considered an authority on the science of light therapy, Johnson's expertise is sought after worldwide.

Is there a particular moment or procedure where most skin care professionals go wrong? What logocould they alter for a better result?
Currently, there is a lot of misinformation being spread about the synergistic effect of using topical products with light therapy. Other than products that are used in photodynamic therapy, like Levulan®, there is no credible clinical research that supports the claims that light energy causes topically applied products to penetrate deeper or enhance outcomes. The benefits of light therapy affect tissue as deep as 25 millimeters below the surface of the skin. Why would you risk using products that might act as a barrier and interfere with the cells ability to absorb the energy? Always ask for the scientific research to support the marketing claims.

Do you or your company support any particular causes or charitable organizations?
We have a significant relationship with the Semper Fi Fund, which provides the Celluma to injured and wounded military members as an effective, non-toxic, non-invasive alternative to opioid pain medications and surgery. The Celluma effectively manages musculoskeletal pain and allows those with traumatic physical injuries to received badly needed emotional therapy, something that is significantly hampered when opioid pain medication is being taken.

You wear so many hats in this industry. What is your secret to keeping life in balance and enjoying the journey?pic1
Not many people know that I am married to our Vice President of Brand Management, Denise Ryan. While Denise was earning her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, I grew to appreciate her holistic approach to wellness and health care. That insight set me on a path which lead to the founding of BioPhotas and it was only natural, excuse the pun, to bring Denise into the company to head up everything clinical.

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