Tools of the Trade: Men

Trendsetters give insight on the tools they recommend 
for men.


alitura-2Andy-Hnilo-2016Alitura Naturals CEO and Founder
Andy Hnilo

“I love The Clay Mask and The Moisturizer because they are handcrafted, all-natural skin care products that were created to protect, heal, and nourish the skin. They allow clients, both male and female, to make a powerful statement about their health without even saying a word.”

oxypinFortuna-Calorigero-2016Elixheal™ Skincare CEO and
Official Medical Speaker
Fortuna Calorigero

“Oxypin® is one of my favorites because it represents the ultimate device to accomplish satisfactory dermal therapies. The combination of oxy-like jet, micro-mesotherapy, and three levels of pressure allow for the treatment of any type of skin imperfections, including common concerns of men. It is important to take care of the skin both from the inside and the outside and grant results that are immediately visible and long-lasting with an ongoing activity over time.”

natural-collagen-2Jacqui-Dunal-2016Naturel Collagen Canada Owner and President
Jacqui Dunal

“My clients rave about Native Collagen Gold. Formulated for sensitive skin, it relieves acne, eczema, and discoloration. It regulates oil secretion and clogged pores, which can lead to skin eruptions. Living collagen, retinol, colloidal nanogold, and nanosilver combine to nourish and firm skin as they block ultraviolet radiation, toxins, and bacteria. Its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties cleanse and heal sensitive skin. It is also great for men to soothe their skin after shaving. Clients will notice a marked reduction in wrinkles and firmness after use.”

nutrastim-2Joel-Warren-2016NutraStim Creative Director
Joel Warren

“Throughout my years of experience coloring hair, I have encountered many clients with all sorts of hair issues. One of the most consistent complaints I have heard from both men and women is hair thinning and/or loss. For those affected, I recommend using the NutraStim Pro Laser Hair Comb at the first sign of thinning. This new, FDA-cleared device uses 12 low-level laser lights to increase blood flow and circulation in the scalp, bringing important nutrients into the follicle. The result is hair that is strengthened and restored to its natural density and fullness.”

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