Couples who spa together

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A simple search of #RelationshipGoals on twitter shows an ever growing list of cuteness. Everything from swolemates to elderly couples and even pizzas pop up in this never ending homage to love. What is rarely discussed, though, is the benefit of couples grooming!

Everyone knows that a couples massage is fun and can be very romantic. It (along with many other spa services) also has a host of other benefits to couples as well. This article found on The Fashion Spot notes that in addition to bonding and reconnecting, couples massage can also help intensify feelings of affection. It does this by increasing serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. It also forces us to put down the tech and have a joint experience, basically reconnecting as partners.
In addition to massage, some spas offer couples facials, mani-pedi’s or even hair removal. Besides the benefits mentioned above, these extra services offer a unique experience in pampering. Getting a facial together is a great way to keep each other motivated in your skincare routines (and, of course, create some Instagram-worthy photos at mask time!).
Mani-pedis offer the time to reconnect through conversation while relaxing. It’s a service that allows you to catch up with your partner without rushing to run errands or get work done. There is no tit-for-tat during the foot massage part, and, you both leave feeling sandal ready (no scratchy feet between the sheets)!
Even hair removal has a benefit when done by both partners! For those that love smooth skin, the feeling of a hairless body is an instant aphrodisiac! Try something uber romantic and get LA Bikini’s at the same time. Or, if one or both partners isn’t quite ready for that yet, sync up your hair removal schedule and keep those brows on fleek together!

No matter which spa service you choose, make those #RelationshipGoals a reality and create time to reconnect.

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