Epic Salon Facebook Fail

Don’t you think that by now we would all understand that when we make a post on Facebook the entire world has the ability to see it? How many of us (I am mostly referring to women) even have ways of seeing people’s profiles who we are not friends with because someone we know will do a little snooping on our behalf? There are no secrets on Facebook – not even if you block someone.

So what does this have to do with business?

I have had my jaw hit the ground more than once from seeing the level of unprofessionalism floating around on accounts that are used for both personal and professional purposes.

What’s Bad…

Talking smack about your clients on social media is a very bad idea! Unless you have a blog somewhere and an alias by which they cannot find you, do not do this!!! I read posts from a girl I worked with last year that went something like this...

“There’s nothing more miserable and exhausting than an insecure person!!”

“Cheating is not an accident. Falling off a bike is an accident. You don’t trip into a vagina.”

And then there was one that thankfully I think she pulled after a month that said something along the lines of…

“That’s fine, tell me you love your hair to my face then talk sh*t after you leave. If you want to be a b*tch like that. Something. Something. Something….”

What’s Worse…

Directly after posting comments like this, she will post before and after pictures of current clients, ask for likes and shares for her page and the promotions she is offering and invite more people to come and see how wonderful she is.

I personally do not care about the private life of my service providers. I don’t judge and as long as it does not have a negative effect on the work they are doing for me, I don’t believe it is any of my business. However, I can absolutely say that if I knew you were potentially going to talk badly about me to the public, you would not be seeing me again for another appointment.

Here is my point:

1.)   If you have a Facebook profile and you use it both for personal and business, okay. But remember, you are always on stage and you MUST conduct your posting as if everyone is judging you. Two clients laughing and five clients offended means you are out of business.

2.)   If you cannot control your emotional writing, get a separate page and promptly remove all of your clients from the page you vent on. They do not need to see your negative attitude. EVER. It is okay to have one, we all do occasionally, but they are not welcome to see it.



If you disagree, tell me. If you know I am right, like this blog and share with a stylist friend you feel should give this a good read.

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