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Considerations When Raising Prices

Considerations When Raising Prices by Valorie Reavis

How do you earn what you are worth, and not lose customers in the process? This also brings up another point to consider – are you planning to raise prices across the board or in certain areas. One idea is to raise prices for senior stylists only in order to filter down some clients to the junior staff. This must be done carefully in order to not lose clients, which is why it is vital to plan price increases with staff to make them effective overall.

Here are some steps to consider when increasing prices:
1. Decide upon a reasonable amount.
2. Give clients reasonable notice.
3. When you tell them, be professional.

The approach you take to raising prices also depends on what your goals are. If you want to attract higher-image clients and shed some lower-tier clients, then attrition during the process is expected. If you just want to lower the demand for appointments instead of expanding your business, then you should expect to lose clients. However, if you are looking to shift demand within your salon, this makes the job a little easier on you and your team.

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