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  • Tackling Teenage Acne
    Tackling Teenage Acne In a world where personal images are so easily accessible, dealing with teenage acne can be especially challenging. Many are familiar with a recent incident involving gorgeous model Kendall Jenner, who, sporting a few pimples on the red carpet, received some fairly heartbreaking backlash regarding her complexion on social media – almost as if she had done something wrong. Professionals know that acne is no laughing matter and that there are many clients who suffer from the condition who can…
Interview: Vivant Skin Care Exclusive

Interview: Vivant Skin Care Exclusive

Waxing and laser hair removal can leave unwanted discoloration and mature, sensitive, or v...

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  • Makeup: Essential or Optional?
    Makeup:  Essential or Optional? Makeup is a billion-dollar industry, so it should come as no surprise that many spas are cashing in on this opportunity by expanding their menus and product lines to include makeup. However, for professionals without a background in makeup artistry,…