RefectoCil® Launches First FDA Compliant Brow and Lash Tinting

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RefectoCil® Launches First FDA Compliant Brow and Lash Tinting RefectoCil® Launches First FDA Compliant Brow and Lash Tinting
For the first time, clients will be able to have their eyebrows and lashes tinted in the salon with the new FDA Compliant INTENSE BROW[N]S by RefectoCil®.

Finally, after years of working diligently with the FDA to develop a salon-safe product, RefectoCil® is proud to launch its newest patented product for brow and lash tinting, INTENSE BROW[N]S by RefectoCil® eyebrow and eyelash tinting system.
RefectoCil®’s entry into the US market is a milestone in the international development of the brand. Prior to this launch, many American salons have not been offering eyebrow and eyelash tinting, California had banned the practice completely. Similarly, it’s hard to find the service in states such as New York, Connecticut, and Illinois.

INTENSE BROW[N]S by RefectoCil® is different from all other products on the market. The FDA has deemed the color additive Silver Nitrate approved for brow and lash tint. It is also vegan and suitable for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) amended the color additive regulations to provide for the safe use of silver nitrate as a color additive in professional-use only cosmetics to color eyebrows and eyelashes. This action is in response to a color additive petition (CAP) filed by GW Cosmetics (parent company INTENSE BROW[N]S by RefectoCil® ) and EAS Consulting Group.

“This is the first color additive to be approved by the FDA in many years and represents a considerable effort between GW Cosmetics and EAS experts to meet the rigorous requirements set by FDA for color additives,” says EAS Independent Advisor for Cosmetics and Colours, John Bailey Ph. D. Bailey, in collaboration with other EAS experts, worked with GW Cosmetics on the CAP.

Salon pros everywhere have known that many clients are doing this at home themselves. Finally, the DIY clients who are attempting at home can visit a licensed trained professional, such as an esthetician or cosmetologist. Now all clients can all enjoy bolder, fuller brows in a safe environment. Salons can offer this high-demand service to their clients.

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting provide a quick lift to the face and clients tend to look younger. Four intense brown shades were developed:
Ash Brown, Chocolate Brown, Deep Brown, and Black Brown.
The coloring system is for “Professionals only” and was developed as a 2-step system: In the first step, the BASE GEL is applied in the desired color nuance, and in the second step the ACTIVATOR GEL follows, giving the eyebrows and eyelashes the desired color depth.

With the newly developed INTENSIFYING PRIMER, which can optionally be used as a pre-treatment, a stronger makeup effect and longer-lasting results are achieved while the skin is also prepared for even tinting. Medium for a more subtle effect, and strong for a very intense finish.
Three effective coloring techniques allow almost every (brow) wish to be fulfilled. The best results for a particularly intense look are achieved with the full brow technique. The ombre shading technique gives the eyebrows a natural, feathery look, and the brow filling technique creates contoured and defined brows.

The benefits of INTENSE BROW[N]S by RefectoCil® for the salon:
● Tailor-made, semi-permanent makeup effect for fuller-looking brows
● Intense and natural-looking results
● The only tinting system with an FDA approved color additive
● Simple and safe application
● Coloring result lasts up to 6 weeks
● Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested
● Not tested on animals
● Vegan and suitable for those with sensitive skin

This new era of brow and lash styling by RefectoCil®” launched in July at the Cosmoprof North America Show in Las Vegas.

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