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CEO Takes Esthetics Education to the Next Level!

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CEO Takes Esthetics Education to the Next Level! CEO Takes Esthetics Education to the Next Level!

Brandon Sykes is the Chief Executive Officer of Southeastern Esthetics Institute and manages daily operations and organization for SEEI through exceptional leadership and a modern approach to academic administration. Brandon Sykes graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Management. Sykes' background in corporate medical sales, finance, and project management is the main ingredient towards success for the students of Southeastern Esthetics Institute. Sykes has a true dedication to take SEEI to the next level in 2020. He is working towards a large expansion of SEEI in 2020-2021. Brandon Sykes' extensive background in product and project management in the corporate sector is the key to success - and has propelled Southeastern Esthetics Institute to the next level in Columbia, South Carolina. Due to Sykes' commitment to business ethics and excellence in all administrative areas, students are able to benefit from modern education and facilities - and meet their professional needs within their esthetics careers for years to come.

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