Powerful Study + Video Challenge Everyone to Redefine Beauty

Written by Lycored

Powerful Study + Video Challenge Everyone to Redefine Beauty


Lycored, industry leaders at the forefront of the ingestible skincare market, recently launched a video to support their latest body of skin health research.


As an extension of their #rethinkbeautiful campaign, the video seeks to change how people define and see beauty in themselves, drawing on their own experiences instead of glossy images. The video goes beyond “skin deep” and invites you to join them in changing the conversation, breaking beauty out of its proverbial box. 

The moving narrative in the "Let Us Illuminate You" video supports the findings of their 149-person study, which uncovered how the LycodermTM tomato nutrient complex nourishes our bodies and skin with carotenoids. Within the personal and intimate video, subjects’ reactions are captured as they view before and after photos of themselves for the first time following the study.





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