Tuel Revolutionizing Aesthetics Through Vegan Skin Care

Originally developed by professional skin care pioneer and founder of Eva’s Esthetics, Eva Friederichs, and modernized by her daughters, Lisa and Lori Nestore, Tuel is a clean, vegan skin care and aesthetics company that is more than just essential oils and firming facials.


Honoring their mother’s legacy, Tuel (which stands for “two L’s,” the first initial of each co-president’s name) continues to provide cruelty-free, botanical skin care solutions for all skin types. Most recently, the brand debuted a new look with sleek yet simplistic packaging and a major website redesign. And, while their skin savvy runs deep, including their tried and true pore analysis used to determine skin type, the sisters are equally passionate about female entrepreneurship and empowering other women to become better business leaders.


Together, and as an extension of the Tuel brand, Lisa and Lori have created the Pore Star Club, a community of over 300 women nationwide, including spa owners and practicing aestheticians, seeking the education and resources needed to run a successful spa practice. After years of watching individual spa owners and aestheticians struggle, getting lost in the business logistics and losing profit, Lori, who spearheads the sales side of the brand, began providing individual guidance to Tuel aestheticians. As those individuals began to experience financial success, she realized the value in offering a service that would help foster professional development and important business skills not taught through traditional aesthetics trainings. As a result, the Pore Star Club was born with a mission to help businesses operate more efficiently.


The Pore Star Club provides expert training, curriculum, and protocols designed to teach spa owners and aestheticians how to successfully run their businesses. It goes far beyond the basics, covering everything from best business practices to specific treatment techniques to client conversation starters and the art of upselling. Members are taught how to better market themselves, their practices, and more. Curriculum also focuses on finance management and back office logistics, including organization of client filing systems, insight on how to manage a database, ways to identify business vendors, and billing and budget management.


“Tuel has helped me grow in so many ways,” said Tamara Amaral, founder of Dazzling Skin LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada. “I’ve become more confident and organized. Not only have I learned about the product line, but I’ve learned how to sell it and how to grow my client base and increase profit. As a direct result of Tuel’s Pore Star Club training program, my business has improved by 100% in two years.”

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