Barbara Salomone, Bioelements Professional Skin Care Founder

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To those who knew her, to those who learned from her, and those who worked with her, Barbara Salomone embodied a complete and total passion for aesthetics.

With her husband Ross at her side, the founder of Bioelements Professional Skin Care passed away peacefully in her home last August after an ongoing illness. Her death spurred many in the aesthetics industry to share their thoughts on Barbara's impact on the industry she had devoted herself to since becoming one of the first licensed aestheticians in the United States in 1978.

“Barbara Salomone was not only an amazing aesthetician and savvy business woman, she was a true visionary in our ever-changing industry” said Bonita Bragg of Paradise Point Resort and Spa in San Diego, California.

Salomone's career began as a makeup artist in the late 1970s, with an investment of just 10 dollars in business cards. Popular for her engaging personality and 'it-girl' insight, clients begged her for facial services. In 1978, she became one of the first-ever licensed aestheticians in the United States, and soon began defining a whole new way to assess the skin, determine treatment strategies, and develop new facial techniques – what would become the SkinReading® system.

“Barbara was a huge inspiration to me,” said Rebeka McCabe of Essential Skin Care + Wellness in Moses Lake, Washington. “Throughout my career, her wisdom and company’s guidance helped me grow as a professional on more than one occasion.”

She opened advanced aesthetics Learning Centers across the United States, and soon saw a need for a professional line of skin care products that would meet her standards. The Bioelements product line launched in 1991, including the exclusive Custom Blending system, to transform professional treatments. Since that time, the company has spearheaded some of the most industry-changing formulations, including probiotics, calcium, pollution-neutralizers, amino acid, and white truffle.

“She truly was one of the pioneers in modern skin care,” said Alison Andrews of Alison Andrews Day Spa in Orland Park, Illinois. “The Bioelements line took custom blending to an advanced level with excellent education, branding, marketing, and with a strong presence in the professional skin care world. We are all thankful for the work she poured into this industry.”

Bioelements will continue to set the same goal as the one Barbara set over 25 years ago – to create products and treatments that target the uniqueness and range of all skin types and concerns. As Barbara always said, “no hype, no gimmicks, and no false claims.”

“She laid the groundwork for what this company is today and helped build an ever-expanding team of experts that share her pioneering spirit, her passion for advanced education, and devotion to product and ingredient innovation above all else,” said Bob Schatz, Salomone's brother and CEO of Bioelements.

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