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How to Choose Acne Products

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Choosing acne products must begin with education about acne. In order to have an effective treatment, today’s aesthetician must choose acne products that treat the causes of acne, rather than just the symptoms. The causes include increased sebum production, irritation, and blockage of the pilosebaceous follicles and the presence of P. acnes bacteria.


Study product ingredients and consider using natural ingredients, when possible. Plant extracts such as cinnamon bark and turmeric help control 5 alpha-reductase, which is important in controlling sebum production. Other natural ingredients – such as mandelic acid, lemongrass, thyme elixir, and montmorillonite clay – offer good control of the bacteria. The use of benzoyl peroxide does not control sebum and may contribute to inflammation. Agents that actually block inflammation include marjoram, green tea, niacinamide, and curcuminoids.


Focus on companies that have a dedication to education. Companies that spend their money and resources on elevating standards in aesthetics often feel an obligation to provide a lasting result.


It may be helpful to choose a line that prominently displays before and after photographs on their website or social media platforms. Asking a client that is on the fence about acne treatments to check out those photos on their phone is often a great way to seal the deal.


Finally, choose a company that teaches how to use their products properly and who offers prompt support by answering questions quickly.

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