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How to Choose Imaging Devices

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There is a wide variety of skin-imaging equipment that professionals can choose from and each device serves an array of purposes. Some devices are able to project an image of what a client will look like post-treatment. Some are designed primarily as an aid to give professionals and clients a closer look at the current state of their skin.


There are many essential factors to consider before analyzing any of the performance attributes below. The modalities of a device created to aid in skin treatments on the face may have different basic functions than equipment used for body treatments such as fat reduction.


It is also wise to determine the features needed in a device before shopping for equipment. This will aid in the selection process by creating a checklist for features needed within one device. If it is important to capture changes in coloration and skin health beneath the surface, that may or may not require different equipment than a device that captures changes on the surface. When aiming to monitor discoloration issues, it may be necessary to purchase equipment with lighting that identifies red and brown areas.


No matter the specifics of a spa’s dream device, there are a few benchmarks to assess when selecting the appropriate equipment for the spa.


The first benchmark is ease of photo access. Though it may not be top-of-mind during the selection process, it may be necessary to share images between several workstations or to access the images outside of the spa. And, when looking for ways to offer more value during basic treatments to increase prices, it is always an added bonus when images can be shared with clients in a manner that they can access anywhere. The ability to provide clients with pictures of their skin pre-treatment and throughout various sessions is invaluable because it allows them to see their skin’s recovery process closeup and in real time, versus waiting to see if their skin will be comparable to an image mockup created by the device or comparing their results to before-and-after photos, expecting to get the
same results.


The next thing to consider is the quality of the images procured from this equipment. Photos that are able to display even the most acute details are necessary to accurately present progression within a treatment or system. This also offers great options for before-and-after photos, which aids in the marketing of different treatments, enhances the offerings in even the most basic treatments, and creates a visual record of how specific treatments, or key ingredients, work for
individual clients.


Finally, it is paramount that any equipment chosen has an easy-to-contact technical support department and accessible training for spa professionals. In order to truly ensure that the money spent on the equipment was well worth the investment, training a large portion of the staff to use the equipment appropriately and in a timely manner is necessary.


Though it is tempting to purchase the latest technology for the spa, it should be noted that clients will not be impressed by the possession of a skin-imaging machine unless the value added to their experience will be tangible. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of purchasing an imaging device is to enhance the spa’s consultations, treatments, and retention without negatively disrupting the current flow of the spa or overwhelming the client. Keeping this philosophy in mind will lead to a sound investment.

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