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How to Choose Sugar Pastes

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Body sugaring hair removal is an ancient beauty secret and has evolved dramatically in the last 30 years. While a good sugaring technique is key to providing clients with the hair removal results they desire, the sugar paste formulation holds just as much importance. There are countless options for sourcing a professional sugar paste, so how can a professional make the best choice?




When choosing a great sugar paste, look for a company that has a proven track record as a manufacturer of quality products, consistency, and quick resolutions to client needs. The quality of sugar pastes will impact the quality of body sugaring treatments and, as a spa owner, the last thing a professional wants to be worried about is inconsistency in business. Try to pick a sugaring company that will provide reliability from the get-go.


One of the most important characteristics about body sugaring is that the hair should be removed in the natural direction of growth, not against it. This is imperative for providing clients with superior results for their skin. As such, spa owners should always look for sugar pastes that are formulated for this method of hair removal. Choose a company that also provides education on the skin and how to properly perform the sugaring technique. A company that takes the time to provide such materials will be dedicated to promoting the best possible sugaring experience.




Look for sugars that are all-natural and will not adhere to live skin cells. Everyone has become more conscious of what they put in and on their bodies. While many all-natural sugar pastes come with zero contraindications, be sure to choose a sugar that is safe enough to use on all skin types.


The best sugar paste will encompass a variety of options for all environmental conditions and a variance of hair textures. It is important to choose a formulation that will not break down during treatments. Treatments in warmer, more humid environments will require harder sugar pastes than treatments in cooler, dry environments. It is also important for spa owners to have different sugar paste varieties in order to accommodate different hair textures. Coarser hair and terminal hair will need firmer sugar pastes to complete the extraction.




Once a great manufacturer is chosen, look to see if they offer recommendations for pre- and post-treatment products. For the best body sugaring results, treatments need a complete system. A quality pre- and post-care protocol is vital for optimum skin health and safety. This is where manufacturer recommendations come into play. Spa owners should select a company that provides such recommendations or products and follow them for best results.


Finding the right sugar paste comes down to manufacturer reputation and paste consistency. Seek out companies who dedicate themselves to providing the highest-quality products and services. With a little research, professionals can find the sugar pastes that are worth their investment.

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