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How to Choose: Cryotherapy

When it comes to choosing the right form of cryotherapy for clients and the spa, there are a plethora of options and modalities to utilize cryotherapy to its fullest. With so many products on the market today that offer cryotherapy methods, it is important to know the variations and types of tools available. A few considerations should be taken when deciding which tool is right for you, as there is cryotherapy for the whole body or partial body, cryotherapy with skin temperature sensors, instant ice packs, and internal cryotherapy.



First and foremost, a skin care professional should seek out what they wish to achieve by incorporating cryotherapy tools into their spa. It is imperative for professionals to examine what their clientele seeks out most or what could increase benefit and sales. With these things in mind it will be much easier to discern which cryotherapy tool option is right.


One of the most common forms of cryotherapy used in spas far and wide are cryoglobes – modalities which can be used during facial and waxing treatments to help relieve redness, calm skin, and reduce inflammation. Many spa owners seek out this option when first delving into adding cryotherapy to their spa, due to its convenience, mobility, and effectiveness.



There are a variety of options for cryoglobe choices, as some come packed with microbeads and are made of variations of quartz, while others may be made of metal materials. An important factor to consider when selecting the right cryoglobe tool for the spa is the ease of use. The modality should be easy to grip and move while performing treatments – avoiding a slip. A skin care professional should also be aware of the option to use quartz, glass, or plastic. These three material options provide dramatic differences, as glass may be prone to break easier, while plastic can attract bacteria. Many of the best options for cryotools come in the form of thick quartz, as these cryotools will remain untouched by humidity (bacteria causing) and will have a smaller percentage of damage.



When selecting the right company to purchase cryotherapy tools from, it is mandatory that skin care professionals look for a specific line that will meet not only their needs but the needs of their clients. If a spa performs many microneedling or chemical peels, a cryotherapy tool could be more then useful to clients receiving these treatments. Search for a cryoglobe modality that addresses issues the spa’s clients typically face.


Seek out a cryotherapy brand that fits all the spa’s needs, including size, material, recommendations from other spa owners, and reputability. By considering these factors, professionals can be sure to choose the right cryotherapy tool that they can depend on while treating clients.

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