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Waxing Successful: 10 Tips for Improving the Client Experience

Written by   Lilliane Caron

This time of year is a beautiful, transitional season between fall and winter. But, with waxing being the bread and butter for most spas, and the majority of clients staying covered up during the colder months, it usually marks the start of a quieter time. That is why, it is the perfect opportunity to reflect on business and plant seeds for future success. Here are some top tips for making any spa a waxing success.


Start with vision. Having a clear goal and envisioning success is essential – especially when times are tough. A positive mantra and mindset plants seeds for success that will grow into an abundant harvest.


Next, decide to wax with the best. Good quality is always worth its money. For example, using a cheaper paper towel option, one often has to use more of it compared to the more expensive one. In this case, has anything really been saved? And, in addition, one is more likely to waste inexpensive materials because, often, the mentality is, “it is just the cheap stuff anyway.” Quality products made from quality ingredients will give better results and will make staff more confident in performing their treatments. And, equally important, it will minimize discomfort, pain, and adverse reactions for clients. Throw in a great pre- and post-treatment product and they will definitely be back. The first step in buying products for any spa is to choose a brand that staff love and trust, so they can offer the absolute best treatment.


Another key fact to remember is that the spa does not often get a second chance at a first impression. There is no excuse for an unhygienic workplace. Clients would not want to get a Brazilian in a room that has wax strings on the trolley or sticky residue on the bed. And, word travels fast – a bad review is written within seconds. The way a professional looks after their equipment and material reflects on how well they look after clients. Therefore, the spa and staff should look spotless at any given moment, so clients know that the spa values good hygiene. Uniforms need to be in perfect condition at all time, with no frills or spots. Cleaning hands with an antibacterial foam just prior to any treatment will help take away any doubt a client may have about whether or not the professional has washed
their hands.


It goes without saying that a spa is only as good as the quality of its staff. Investing in staff is, therefore, one of the most important things spa owners can do. To offer the best treatments to clients, it is vital that staff’s knowledge and skillset is up-to-date and they are confident in what they do. In the quieter months, staff have time to work on their weaker skills, so the overall quality level is consistent when the busy season starts again. Regular training days that touch on technique, product knowledge, and softer skills – like being discreet, listening, and holding a conversation – make all the difference.


novbb2Good customer service does not just improve the atmosphere in the spa – it directly benefits income. Spa owners can spend all the money in the world on getting people through the door, but with poor customer service, they will never return for a second treatment. Better service directly equates to a better experience for clients. A better experience will create a loyal client that will keep coming back and is more likely to refer other people to the spa. During a treatment, staff should focus on the client only – interruptions or rushing will diminish a good experience and add extra stress to aestheticians. Timing is very important. Always be efficient, but do not rush. Clients know when their professional’s head is somewhere else. Great service does not stop in the treatment room – it also means good phone manner, a friendly smile at the front desk, and a very client-friendly website with an online booking system. Train staff to deliver a high level of customer service and make sure they do it with
a smile.


Just like good customer service, creating an inviting ambience can give clients an amazing experience. Playing the right music is important – it should not be offensive. Watch the volume. There is a point, even with younger clients, that music gets too intrusive. Also, when it comes to creating a good atmosphere during treatments, it is astounding how many aestheticians do not work with anything other than talc and a citrus wax cleanser. Pampering clients before and after their wax by cleansing and using an after waxing lotion can be incredibly soothing and help to create a memorable waxing experience, as well.


Social media is also important in branding efforts, so make sure to create engaging accounts. This line of business offers a great luxury when it comes to social media: it creates beauty – and people enjoy seeing beautiful images. Take advantage of this when creating social posts. Use before and after pictures to show followers what the spa can do. Post videos of lesser known treatments to excite people about the results they give. Once the account has compelling content, the spa can actively grow its number of followers by: posting product images and tagging suppliers; giving away free treatments to people that tag their friends in posts; and asking clients with a big online following to do a shout out to receive a free product. Always make sure that the spa’s social media lines up with its core values and branding. It is not useful for people to love the spa’s online presence, only to be disappointed when they visit it in real life. Authenticity is the key.


Another point to consider when aiming to improve the spa’s success is retail. Waxing can be a money maker, but selling retail products is where the real margins are. Many aestheticians feel awkward selling products, as it is not in their nature. Clients, on the other hand, expect a certain level of advice or product knowledge. For example, if while waxing a client they mention they are prone to ingrown hairs, it is a great opportunity to sell an ingrown hair treatment. Of course, it is easy to lose focus on selling when treating clients. It might be beneficial to follow a course or webinar in retail sales to get the ball rolling. And, touch on retail sales in staff meetings to keep the momentum going. It is 100 percent worth the investment of time and money.


While striving to improve, always remember, there is a time to wax and a time to relax. This line of work tends to attract empathic, social people. Clients often open up about their problems and, sometimes, it is hard not to take that home. Add to that the fact that it is physical work on one’s feet most of the day – and the stress of having to pay bills – and burn-out is understandable. Make sure to take time to breathe when feeling overwhelmed. Exercise for a clear head and to train the muscle groups used most when waxing. Communicate with staff; they are there to help. Excellent teamwork is key through stressful times. Using positive affirmations, like “Everything I touch is a success” or “There are plenty of clients for my business,” will contribute to overall success and well-being.


Last, but definitely not least, love the work. If passionate about waxing, workmanship will reflect that. Clients can tell when professionals are just going through the motions and when they actually enjoy what they are doing. Through applying these basic principles, any spa can wax successful.


Lilliane CaronLilliane Caron is the founder and director of Caronlab Australia. Known worldwide for her waxing techniques, she has dedicated herself to her motto: “for a better salon,” by delivering superior products, exceptional service, and industry-leading education. But, she is about more than just wax. In her untiring quest to make beauty therapists’ jobs easier, Caron continues to devote herself to salon innovation. Her success is attributed to a high standard of customer service, training, and customer support. Therapists can deliver every treatment in confidence knowing that Caronlab Australia’s products care for the health, comfort, and well-being of their clients as they indulge in their
salon treatment.

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