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The Big Nos: Educating Clients on Hair Removal Aftercare

Written by   Mia Barnes
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When you work in the service industry, which applies to any job that requires interaction with clients or consumers, you must know how to communicate appropriately. In the beauty industry, you want your clients to understand how to care for themselves. Proper aftercare can ensure you can do your job more effectively. Here are some ways to convey this message to your clients, so they will be more receptive to information and more likely to take your advice.

Communicate with your clients in a way that makes it easy for them to understand and follow instructions. Tailor each message to the particular service they are receiving. For example, if your client’s preferred method of hair removal is waxing, you will want to explain the correct protocol for that type of hair removal.
After you wax and cleanse your client’s skin, you can discuss the benefits of each step they can take in their post-wax care, like moisturizing daily. Follow up with your client about what they should avoid, such as going to a sauna and being in the sun, and then explain why.
If you tell your client to avoid the sun without telling them how sensitive their skin is post-wax and how easily it can irritate them, they might not be as likely to listen.1 Ensure you break down the information so your clients understand why they shouldn’t perform specific actions after hair removal.

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Mia Barnes is a health and wellness freelance writer with over three years’ experience covering beauty and skin care related topics. Barnes is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Body+Mind Magazine, an online wellness publication.

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