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Monday, 26 February 2018 22:11

Tried and True Teen Treatments

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Unfortunately, there is not just one trigger for teenage acne. It is the result of a multitude of factors – an increase in sebum production, hormone shifts, poor diet, menstrual cycles, personal stress, genetics, and more. Therefore, it is important to note the ingredients and treatments that can give teenagers fast-acting results and help them achieve healthy skin.


LED light therapy is used for combating aging and acne. Red light infiltrates the immune system, thwarting swelling, pain, and redness caused by acne. Blue light attacks propionobacterium acnes – a bacteria that eats sebum and resides deep inside the pores. Light therapy can also be used in conjunction with traditional cleansers and toners, rendering them more effective, in many cases.



Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is an optimal defender against environmental toxins and bacteria, aiding in the prevention of acne. It has the capability to break down free radicals, preventing destruction of proteins in the skin, overproduction of sebum, and disruption of pH balance. Ascorbic acid also reduces redness and inflammation and prevents acne scarring due to regeneration of collagen and elastin.



A derivative of vitamin A, retinol is included in acne products because it is easily transported through the bloodstream. Retinol unclogs pores, sloughs off dead skin cells, and promotes rapid cell regeneration. The molecules that make up retinol are small enough to penetrate the skin and reach the dermis, repairing elastin and collagen in the skin and encouraging the elimination of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

GameChangers Biophotas March2018Celluma by BioPhotas


Stop acne in its tracks with BioPhotas’ award-winning Celluma LED device! This can be used clinically as a powerful stand-alone, or as a treatment-enhancing add-on for acne and more. Celluma is CE-certified for dermal wound healing and is ideal for use following ablative procedures, including microneedling, microdermabrasion, microcurrent, laser, and much more. Celluma is hands-free, stand-free, and portable. 714-978-0080 or






GameChangers FANIEInternational March2018FANIÉ International


Vitamin C Collagen Crème by FANIÉ International is a highly concentrated, topical skin cream to use when out in the ultraviolet light. This unique, water-soluble cream contains not only vitamin C, but also calcium ions, which help to stimulate the skin cells with the essential nutrients needed to keep the skin healthy and youthful. 949-598-4500 or





GameChangers GR8SKN March2018GR8/SKN


GR8/SKN’s Reset: Rebooting Night Treatment is great for teen skin care because of its use of vitamin A. Dermatologists have been treating acne with vitamin A for years. Reset has two safe forms of vitamin A – retinyl propionate and retinol – in high concentrations. Probiotics provide an added punch to this super-serum, which is also balanced in a natural hyaluronic base. 855-447-8756 or


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