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Hyaluronic Acid

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Read more on these hyaluronic acid-based products that improve hydration and promote healthier, more supple skin.


Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that is found naturally in the skin and functions as a lubricant to joints and tissues. The nature of hyaluronic acid allows it to retain water and act as a humectant in any skin care routine. This ingredient is an essential item for skin care professionals and clients. When used topicallyhyaluronic acid can leave the skin looking fresh, dewy, and plump. 


Featuring a synergistic blend of potent ingredients, Herbal Skin Solution’s Sun & Moon Eye Synergy Cream works overtime to awaken and refresh the eyes no matter what time of day it is. Using hyaluronic acid’s water-binding abilities, this lightweight formulation works to fill and firm the delicate under-eye and eyelid area while naturally brightening, hydrating, and nourishing. Try Herbal Skin Solutions’ Sun & Moon Energy Synergy Cream. herbalskinsolutions.com


Give skin a youthful-looking glow with botanical hyaluronic acidvitamin-rich strawberries, and rhubarb. Blending not only these three ingredients together but also honey, aloe vera, and biocomplex, this mixture becomes a powerful rehydrator for dry skin. Skin will appear plumper and feel silkier. Try Éminence Organic Skin Care’sStrawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum.eminenceorganics.com


Ageless Hydrating Serum’s base is hyaluronic acid. It will benefit all skin typesimprove hydration, lessen the appearance of wrinkles, and plump skin. This serum also contains the peptides Matrixyl Synthe’ 6, DN-AGE, and lipomoist for dehydrated, dry, acneic, and milia-prone skin. Try Skin Script Skin Care’sAgeless Hydrating Serum.




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