How can Wikipedia help in business growth?

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Wikipedia is one of the most frequently visited websites ranking fifth in the list of most visited websites in the world. Its popularity and ranking is one of the major reasons why businesses are using Wikipedia as a marketing platform. Having a Wikipedia page can add credibility to the business. Despite of having a user edit nature, which is one of the drawbacks that lead Wikipedia to not be trusted anymore, it is considered as an authority site. Besides that, people trust the information present on Wikipedia.

This is why having a Wikipedia page can be beneficial for a business. It helps the entrepreneurs to get the trust of the audience. Most businesses hire professional Wikipedia writers top create a Wikipedia account and write a well-researched Wikipedia article. This helps the entrepreneur to concentrate on other marketing tactics leaving the rest to the professional. It saves their time and have a better result.

Apart from adding credibly to the business, having a Wikipedia page is also cost-effective. You only have to pay the writer for the services, because creating a Wikipedia page doesn’t cost a penny. Wikipedia holds a significance in marketing platforms and can be highly effective.

Do you think having a Wikipedia page help in business growth?

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