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Crown Jewel Esthetics

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Crown Jewel Esthetics is located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are comprised of a team of seven amazingly talented women who bring years of experience from different areas of the industry. They believe that in order to be the best in their field, they must have an endless desire for continuing education. Their eclectic personalities prompt clients to come back again and again, and their support for one another is what keeps them on the path to success.

While Crown Jewel Esthetics has participated in a few charitable efforts, they hope to add more to this list the coming year. They will be fundraising for two nonprofits ran by clients of the spa called One With Earth (OWE) whose mission is “to empower impoverished communities by providing them with the resources necessary to achieve sustainability and independence” and The Emerald Light House, an LGBTQ + organization.

The spa is committed to their clients and the causes that are important to them because of reciprocity. They want their clients to know they are not just a name in a database and that the spa’s care goes beyond the treatment room. DERMASCOPE caught up with Jewellee Williams, owner of Crown Jewel Esthetics, to get the inside scoop on this month’s Face Haven.

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