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Glowbar is a skin care concept disrupting the spa industry with their first-to-market, 30-minute, customized, data-driven, and solution-oriented facial services. Their singular mission is to make people feel confident in their own skin and create a listening environment that drives skin care results for everybody.

This no-fluff approach includes a signature face-washing station that is meant to maximize a client’s time. At the start of the appointment, aestheticians sit down with clients to understand their skin care needs and concerns. From there, an aesthetician will customize and standardize treatments based on the client’s individual skin care needs through an algorithm. Our data-driven treatments eliminate consumer anxiety, overwhelming menus, and the need for expensive add-ons. The result – great skin.

Following an appointment, clients are provided product recommendations to aid in in skin health. This unique approach is designed so that clients can go to any Glowbar at any time and receive the same quality treatment, no matter which aesthetician they see. DERMASCOPE spoke with Glowbar’s co-founder and CEO, Rachel Liverman to get the inside scoop on this Face Haven.

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