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Skin Rx Clinical Spa

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SkinRX’s first clinical spa opened in 2015inside a salon suite. For two years,the spa searched for the perfect locationIn 2019, we opened our doors to a larger location with four treatment rooms in Southlake, Texas. SkinRX has an amazing dream team of award-winning aestheticians and a nurse practitioner cosmetic injector. We have created opportunities to travel all over the country for training to further our knowledge and expertise. The spa believes in investing in our team and helping them become their very best. SkinRX has been popular because we create an experience for every client from the moment they call or book online to the customized consultation and treatment plan. Our collection of customized treatments seamlessly integrates modern sciencewith a hint of zen

Giving back to the community has been important to us for years. Whether through events that support our favorite nonprofits, we try to support the community that took care of us during the shutdowns of COVID-19. We sold packages and retailwhich helped create an amazing website with a better online platform. Virtual consultations have become more popular than ever for the spa as well

What is your most popular treatment?

Our most popular treatment isthe SkinPenmicroneedling with LED light therapy. We treat the entire face and neck. Many times,we create a package including dermaplaning or peels pre-and post-treatments.Some prefer to add on anAnteAGEserum with their microneedling.We also use combination treatments, whether itis with anoxygen Circadia treatment prior to microneedlingdermaplaningEpioncerefresh peel, or DMK enzyme treatment. 

Long-term care with clients is our goal along with educating and assisting them on the most perfect regimen for their skin type

How long have you been a licensed aesthetician, and what made you join the industry?

I moved all over the country and could not wait to settle down and get my license. Texas finally became my home state in 2009, and I received my aesthetic license in 2012. I had a job at a medical spa before I took my state board examination. I wanted to join the industry for years, andas a young teenager, I would play with the microdermabrasion machine at my mother’sspa in Florida. Fast forward years later, I had painfulcystic acne after having my second daughter, and it really took a toll on my mental health. It took me years of finding the perfect solutionIt really pushed me to join the aesthetic world to help others. 

What pushed you to open your own spa, and at what point in your career did you open it?

As mentioned earlier, my mother owns a spa in Florida. As a child, I recall thinking I would never own my own placeI despised doing laundry from helpingall those years. I saw the stressors and sacrifices of owning a business. Never say never because here I am now. I get to see all the rewards now. I wanted the opportunity of being a mother and having a flexible schedule. Family is the utmost important factor in my life. Having my own company allowed me to fulfill that dream. 

What is your favorite treatment to receive?

Every skin care professional has their own strengths. I love just melting away on the treatment table and letting theaesthetician work their magic. I make sure to receive gentle chemical peels and microneedling throughout the yearI love to receive any and all treatments. 

What product do you try to retail to every client?

A physical-based sun protection factor likeElta MD or Epionceis tinted. If I could givmy younger self that chance, I probably would have avoided my own skin cancerI had melanoma in 2014, and I strive to teach all my clients the importance of this product. 

Bedside beauty essential?

I have a relatively simple regimen – triple cleanse, retinol, vitamin C serum, eye cream, and sun protection factor. The not-so-secret additional essentials I feature on my Instagram are my silk pillowcase and side-sleeper pillow, air purifier, and thehumidifier when the heater is on

Favorite skin concern to treat?

I love treating every skin type. I really enjoy helping those that have struggled for years with overly sensitive or acneic skin.

You can only take 3 products to an island…

Sun protection factorhydrating spray, and vitamin C serum 

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

I see my company flourishing with several more locations and ourown small skincare line.Having a team that picks up on each other’s strengths and weaknesses is key to a successful business. We take pride on educating our clients, so they can make the best decisions for themselves. 

Treatments offered:

  • Facials
  • Microcurrent Facials
  • Hydrafacial MD
  • Chemical Peels
  • SkinPenMicroneedling
  • BotoxXeomin, or Dysport
  • Filler

Top 3 Products: 

  • MicroExfoliating Honey Cleanser 
  • Vitamin C Reversal Serum 
  • DMK Beta Gel

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