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Wednesday, 16 December 2020 15:18

Savanna Boda Aesthetics

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Savanna Boda Aesthetics is a medical spa based in Dallas, Texas operated and run by Savanna Boda, better known as The Dallas Aesthetician on Instagram. At Savanna Boda Aesthetics the focus is on ethical and results-driven aesthetics, as well as combining holistic therapies with medical treatments. Boda believes that there is no one size fits all for skin care, so she carefully curates individualized regimens for each one of her clients both virtually and in- clinic.

Savanna Boda Aesthetics offers a wide range of medical treatments that are results-driven and uniquely curated to address clients’ specific skin concerns. Boda provides top of the line facials, such as the world renowned DMK enzyme therapy, SkinBetter peel, Enlighten peel, customized facial infusion, microneedling, and Celluma LED Light Therapy.

Boda’s menu is online, but truthfully, her clients come in and ask her to perform the service that she recommends. Boda never performs the exact same facial twice and customizes each treatment for a unique experience every time. She is best known for her astounding results with her acne bootcamp program.


Contact Information:


Instagram: @thedallasaesthetician


What is your favorite treatment to receive?

My favorite treatment to receive is microneedling.

How long have you been a licensed aesthetician?

I've been a licensed aesthetician for two and a half years.


What product can you not live without?

One product I cannot live without is AlphaRet Overnight Cream by skinBetter

Bedside beauty essential?

My bedside beauty essential is the Utra Hydrating Lip Balm and CBD Mist by GlyMed Plus.




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