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COSMEDIX Celebrates National Aesthetician Day for the Third Consecutive Year

Skin care professionals have been the unsung heroes in the beauty industry for years. They work tirelessly to help others achieve the complexion of their dreams. That’s why COSMEDIX established National Aesthetician Month and National Aesthetician Day, October 15th, to praise skincare professionals who expertly…

Bellus Academy Owner and Education Advocate Lynelle Lynch Elected to ISPA Board

Bioelements Welcomes New National Sales Director
Bioelements Welcomes New National Sales Director

Bioelements is excited to announce their new national sales director, Kelly Melvin. Melvin brings more than two decades of experience in the consumer goods industry to her new role at Bioelements. She got her start working as an account representative for companies including Warner Lambert…

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  • Skin Hydration
    Skin Hydration Strengthening your skin's ability to retain moisture is the key to youthful looking skin. Understanding your skin's natural moisture level is understanding that it can fluctuate depending on your skin type and the kind of environmental exposures your skin is exposed to. The lipid layer of your skin is designed to keep moisture in and keep irritants out. When it comes to your skin, how hydrated or dehydrated your skin is and looks depends on holding on to that moisture…
  • Reforms in US Healthcare
    Reforms in US Healthcare The requirements of the society tend to change at a hectic pace, according to different innovations in the spheres of culture, science and technologies. Nevertheless, one thing remains the same during the whole history of humanity. This is a need in professional, easily available and effective healthcare services. Nowadays, one can observe huge drawbacks in this system, which result in serious and usually dangerous outcomes. Therefore, one can speak about the introduction of the immediate reforms, which would protect the…
  • Getting Over Guilty: Selling Products to Clients
    Getting Over Guilty: Selling Products to Clients Show of hands if you hate trying to sell clients retail products? There better not be a single hand waving in the air. Homecare is essential to good skin. Without it, anything you do in a treatment room is a waste of time. So, why do most aestheticians and hairstylists abhor the thought of recommending retail? I have a theory, well, I have three, actually – pressure to meet numbers, an odd sense of guilt, and trying to convince a…