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WilliamKPerkins replied to the topic 'New student here!' in the forum. 1 hour 49 minutes ago

I am not a new student but you can say that because recently I started classes in writing. I started at , I choose this one because it is the best one from top online tutoring websites. It is a little bit costly but no issue, I'm it is the full value of money.


DeanaPeak replied to the topic 'New student here!' in the forum. 4 hours 57 minutes ago

Heeey! I’m also new in the field. I mean, I’ve been taking care of myself and all of my friends and family members, but have never been serious and never thought I’d go to study again to be professional in the industry. I was a lazy student back then and even found edubirdie review to get rid of my assignment, because found it really useless, but became all serious adult and important how serious it was. Going to change and improve!


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