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The Little Things Matter: Creating Client Loyalty by Teaching and Adding in Self-care

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You’ve heard the saying “little things matter” or “little things make a big difference”? There are many quotes, books, and songs written about the subject. Why? Do we really need reminding that the little things can make a big difference in whether our client returns to us or not? When it comes to a spa treatment that you’ve had, think about the ones that stand out. What did they do differently that made you remember them, that made them special, and most importantly made you go back to them?  


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Becky Kuehn is founder of Oncology Spa Solutions, author of Life Changing Esthetics, and a licensed master aesthetician, cosmetologist, holistic cancer educator, and hope coach. Her journey started at the age of 18 when she was diagnosed with cancer. She had already lost friends and family members to cancer, so she was very familiar with the chaos and trauma associated with diagnosis and loss. As a cancer survivor for over three decades, she has made it her mission to discover and develop ways to turn around the devastating side effects of cancer treatments and return quality of life to those in need. Kuehn is the founder and owner of Oncology Spa Solutions, now the leading oncology training for spa, salon, and medical professionals. She is the author of “Life Changing Esthetics,” and a contributing author in the “Estheticians Guide to Outstanding Esthetics” Vol I and II. She has been part of the expert judge panel for The Skin Games’ Holistic, Compassionate, and Compromised skin categories. And, she provides advice and education articles for newspapers and leading industry magazines and is an invited speaker for oncology training at conventions.

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