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Treating Asian Skin

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A skin care professional’s expertise in treating Asian skin will set them apart from average practitioner. Asian skin has unique characteristics that should be considered during a consultation. We will discuss the anatomy of Asian skin, common disorders, treatment considerations, and homecare options below.

Asian skin is more sensitive to environmental factors. Its pH is easily disrupted which can lead to barrier function issues. Generally, it is thinner than other ethnicities and experiences greater transepidermal water loss. Atopic dermatitis is common because of irritation with products that have heavy fragrances or high amounts of harsh ingredients, like salicylic acids, retinoids, and alpha hydroxyl acids. Long chain peptides – good for skin health in some instances can cause irritation with Asian skin.



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Mary Nielsen




A technician, educator, mentor, and business owner, Mary Nielsen has been at the forefront in medical aesthetics since its infancy in the early 1990s. She is currently vice chair and industry expert on the Oregon Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians. She is the author of “Fearless Beauties,” along with other aesthetic texts. She is the executive director of an aesthetic school, the founder of Fearless Beauties, and the creator of Cascade Aesthetic

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