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Treating Nordic Skin

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Nordic skin originated in Scandinavia – in other words, Nordic skin is Viking skin. However, due to the Vikings’ tendency to explore and raid, Viking features can be found in many Northern European countries including Ireland, Iceland, and Greenland.

Due to human evolution, people farthest from the equator developed very pale skin, particularly in the northernmost areas of Europe and Asia. They did not need as much melanin to protect them from ultraviolet radiation as equatorial populations. They also needed to absorb UVB more readily, to produce sufficient vitamin D in regions where daylight could be limited. For instance, in Sweden during January, the sun rises around 8:45 A.M. and sets around 2:55 P.M.


Beyond pale skin, Nordic features include blue eyes, blonde or red hair, and thin skin that ages fast. Nordic people have distinct features, but Viking exploration brought diversity to the region. “Black Irish” describes Irish people who are of Irish descent but have black hair and dark eyes and the characteristics of Nordic skin.



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