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Contributing to the Cause: Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas for Spas

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During breast cancer awareness month, spas and salons may be wondering how they can contribute to the cause. In addition to becoming educated about oncology aesthetics and making treatments as safe as possible for clients with cancer, spas can partake in a number of fundraising and awareness ideas.

Kick off fundraising efforts by picking one treatment that will serve to benefit the cause by donating a portion of its proceeds to a breast cancer charity. For example, any time a client gets a microdermabrasion treatment during the month of October, donate 10 dollars from that treatment to a breast cancer nonprofit. Another idea that can get clients involved is to donate a portion of the client’s total balance if the client wears pink while at the spa. A spa could also register a team for a fundraising walk. Walking together as a company team is a great way to raise money and awareness and promote employee bonding. Incentives can even be offered for the team member that raises the most funds for the team.
An additional way to raise funds and keep things in-house is to host a silent auction night. Have clients silently bid on different products or treatments; start the bidding at zero dollars and donate that money to a breast cancer research organization. During this event, you can serve pink cupcakes and pink beverages. Another similar event that also raises awareness is a pink-themed spa party. The spa party can have a flat rate for entrance, raffles, product giveaways, and gift bags. Clients can also be given a token that they can drop in pre-made charity boxes. The charity with the most tokens will receive the donation. This party also gives employees an opportunity to express their creative side as they decorate the spa for the party.
Take the month of October to bring awareness to this cause and support patients or organizations.

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