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10 Things About... Keeping Employees Motivated

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Leading a team takes more effort than simply hiring the right players. It involves keeping the right players and motivating and inspiring them to do their very best. Excited, eager, and talented employees at every level of the spa can be spotted by clients as soon as they pick up the phone or walk in the door. Furthermore, a motivated employee also shows in the bottom line.

At the same time, businesses are often willing to pay a new employee more than they would a previous employee, losing 25 percent of the new hire’s annual salary on training in the process. Keeping the staff fairly paid, engaged, and motivated is key.

1Set up sales goals that will encourage the staff to go above and beyond. Whether those goals are weekly or monthly, set up a meeting at the beginning of the timetable to go over what the goal is and how employees will be encouraged to reach it. Are they being encouraged to sell additional retail items? If so, is there a specific product being pushed? Is the spa looking to increase services for a newly hired professional? Spell out what the spa is aiming to grow and what the reward is when that goal is achieved. This reward could be anything from a new tablet or a gift certificate to a new, local hotspot the staff has been eager to try. From healthcare benefits to cash bonuses, not all incentives have to come in the form of heavily unloading money from the bank account. Try offering flexible schedules, when available, or an extra day of vacation.

22Institute an Employee of the Month program. A certificate for the employee of the month will only cost the spa the price of the ink from the printer. Include an Employee of the Month section in the spa’s monthly e-newsletter and social media channels and ask clients to show their gratitude when they see staff members in the office.

33Look to vendors for outside products for the staff. Who does not love to receive free skin care samples? Samples are also great because the staff is better educated about the products they are selling after they have personally used them. This tool comes back to benefit the spa a few times over!

44Make an investment in the staff’s education and the education of the spa by taking employees to an industry conference. The team will come back engaged, picking up the phone and servicing clients better than ever!

55Ensure that the spa has a mission statement. This statement should be short and sweet, just a few sentences will do, as something short is easier to memorize. Empower employees to make their decisions based on the mission statement. Allowing them to do so helps them grow.

66Make sure the staff is receiving free services, within reason. Again, the more services and treatments they experience, the better they can answer client questions. Staff members will be in a better position to credential the skin care professional’s artistry, gentle touch, or facials after experiencing it firsthand. If there is a high cost to the business for the procedure itself, spa owners can consider treating the employee at their own cost.

77Continue to stimulate the staff. Often, employees simply want to continue being inspired. See an article they might enjoy? Pass it along! Better yet, make sure the spa is signing up for subscriptions to educational magazines, with an in-spa staff library set up for just that reason.

88Praise the team in public. Catch a team member doing something right? Compliment them right then and there! Unless the employee is painfully shy, there is no reason to hold back words of gratitude. A short, handwritten note also goes further than can be imagined, so keep a stack of blank cards ready just for this purpose.

99Hold regular staff meetings. Consistent meetings allow for the correction of any issues that arise, keeping staff members on track. When verbalizing constructive criticism, always point out the positive with opportunities for improvement.

1010Know the staff’s personalities well enough to perceive what motivates them. What excites one person may do absolutely nothing for another.

Mara-Shorr-2014Mara Shorr serves as the vice president of marketing and business development for The Best Medical Business Solutions, a Florida-based company that helps aesthetic and cosmetic medical practices and spas with the financial, operational, and administrative health of their business. She is a Level II, III, and IV Certified Aesthetic Consultant, utilizing knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their potential. Shorr is a national speaker and writer.

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