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D: Sept. 1, 2022


LaFlore® Live Probiotic Skincare – the first patented microbiome friendly products help all ages and skin types.


[Sarasota, FL, 09/01/2022] – Did you know some skincare ingredients could actually be hurting your client’s skin? Shocking… yes, but the unfortunate matter is that it is possible. In the United States there are limited regulations for skincare formulations. This allows companies to compromise on integrity and use chemicals plus other additives with little thought as to what it may actually do to the consumer’s skin and body. 

The solution to healthy beautiful skin is, however, shockingly simple - support the skin microbiome with topical LIVE probiotics. 

The nascent probiotic skincare category is a bit reminiscent of the CBD boom in recent years with many claiming to have therapeutic levels of CBD in their products when in all actuality very few had little more than hemp seed oil.  


Numerous skincare brands are now jumping in feet first into the probiotic skincare movement by incorporating probiotic extracts or prebiotics in their formula and call it “probiotic skincare.” Though helpful, its therapeutic nature is limited and takes much longer to see results. This is why it’s so important to not be misled. Few brands are able to harness LIVE and active bacteria. 


Probiotic extracts (lysates) are not LIVE probiotics and only have residual metabolites if any at all. In fact, most probiotic extracts are only a food source for the beneficial bacteria currently residing on the skin.  

On the other hand, probiotics are living microorganisms that constantly deliver the metabolites the skin needs for optimal health such as vitamins, AHA, BHA, PHA, antimicrobial peptides, amino acids, micronutrients, and antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances and more. When used in conjunction with pre and probiotic extracts they are much more microbiome friendly. 

About LaFlore® Probiotic Skincare: 

LaFlore’s patented technology (U.S. 10,959,950) infuses LIVE probiotics to create high-performance skincare without the need of refrigeration. Activated upon application, these LIVE probiotics help nourish, support, and balance the skin microbiome. LaFlore’s professional products utilize a blend of plant-based ingredients and a combination of LIVE probiotics, prebiotics, and probiotic extracts to support the natural life cycle of the skin.  These innovative products can be used on the most difficult skin due it’s intuitive properties. 


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