Waxing, Sugaring, Laser, Oh My!

Written by Amanda Strunk Miller

My husband loves when I get the wax pot out at home. It is inevitable that while I am sitting on the counter waxing my legs, he will pop in and ask for a quick nose wax. Ever since he was a model at one of the waxing classes at a tradeshow years ago, he has been hooked! Even if we did not have a pot at home, I know he would go to the spa to get it done.

Many professionals consider the need for hair removal services in the spa to be a necessity. It generates revenue quickly, brings in all types of clientele to the professional, and provides immediate results for the client.

The spa owner should include at least one form of hair removal in their spa menu. Whether it is waxing, sugaring, threading, electrolysis, laser, or IPL, a method of hair removal will bring in added revenue for the business. With reasonable overhead costs, quick turnaround treatments, recurring appointments from clients, and optional retail sales, there is no doubt of its financial benefits.quote

Hair removal services also cater to every possible client: teenagers, mature women, men, walk-ins, and even established clients. This reach provides an opportunity from every angle for growing a business and establishing a clientele.

Proms, weddings, honeymoons, and swim suit season are all great marketing standpoints for bringing in business for the spa. Winter is also a peak time for marketing hair removal services. Cold weather allows clients to cover up with long sleeves and hide their growing hair – perfect for ideal hair removal results.

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Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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