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I have a stepson who just turned 14, is a freshman, and enrolled in a new school. Last year I counseled him to begin washing his face, pay more attention to his hair, and quit wadding up his clean clothes in his backpack.

But, like many typical teenage boys, it took the special interest of a new girl for him to change his mind. Now, he comes home with styled hair and pressed clothes. Finally, he asked me for help last month with his recent forehead breakouts. “Amanda, what do I even do about this?” I thought he would never ask! I rushed to the bathroom and pulled out my skin care stash. After his amazement at my personal backbar subsided, he started going through the product bins himself to see what else he could ‘borrow.’ 

"I use my son as an example to show not only a teenager’s reluctance, but also their willingness to dedicate themselves to a new skin care regimen."

He paid close attention as I took each necessary product and lined it on the bathroom countertop in order of how it should be applied. “Use this cleanser every morning and night,” I told him. “When you get out of the shower, use the toner like this.” He watched me intently and I could tell he was actually listening. “Here’s a moisturizer. This is how you apply it.” I went on to talk about the difference between a foaming cleanser and a daily exfoliator and why it might be helpful to mix it up. I stressed the importance of thoroughly rinsing off the product and never getting lazy or foregoing a step. When I was done campaigning the significance of skin care, he looked at me and asked if it was really necessary to use all of these products every single day. “Of course,” I said. “Try it for a week and you won’t regret it.”
It has been over a month and his skin has dramatically improved. Inside his backpack, he carries the products back and forth from our house to his mother’s and every day he takes the time to cleanse and hydrate his face – twice! He is so proud of himself and his results.
I use my son as an example to show not only a teenager’s reluctance, but also their willingness to dedicate themselves to a new skin care regimen. Once they see results, they are sold. The hardest part just might be getting them to begin the process.




Amanda Strunk Miller

Associate Publisher


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