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The Measuring Stick for Success

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A day of mine never passes without scrolling across someone's post or pin or tweet regarding an inspirational quote or picture that my friends have shared through social media. It seems that images have become a dominant method to express quotes and society resonates with the messages read. The shocking number of times I have been told to “dance like nobody's watching” makes me stop and wonder why I have yet to take up on the advice. I think it is apparent that even outside my circle of connections, people are searching for meaning and confirmation in their lives.

"I think comparing ourselves to others is a common way to define success, even though it is not a reasonable definition."It is not as common that I see pictures of sports cars or lavish mansions while scrolling through my news feed... Instead, motivational quotes are what seem to be drawing out emotional connections, exposing many levels of the poster's intimate feelings or even fears.
While money, power and possessions are all a level of achievement that is common to set as a goal, I do not to think any should be considered the measuring stick for a successful life. In the end, it can feel impossible to be rich and powerful, as everyone measures these things differently... How rich is rich? I think comparing ourselves to others is a common way to define this goal, even though it is not a reasonable definition of success. And I think we all do it. If I overhear someone talking about how they struggle to make ends meet, I might feel pretty good about my current situation. On the other hand, I might feel bad after comparing myself to someone who just bought next year’s model of their favorite car.
Instead, I should be comparing myself to only one person – me. Nobody else has had the same opportunities, relationships, or mindset. I have created (or ignored) my own opportunities, built (or burnt) my own bridges, and mastered (or neglected) my emotions. Therefore, what is best for me is to be the best only I can be. I think if we all tried this approach, as opposed to the constant comparison of others, we would find ourselves much happier and gratified in life. And is that not what we
are all striving towards gaining more of?






Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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