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The Key Component of Repeat Clients

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Most aestheticians chose their profession because they like working with people and are, by nature, nurturers. In fact, helping others through customer service is the most common reason this career path was so enticing to a majority of professionals. Most just want to make a difference in people’s lives and, through aesthetics, have found their path.

But, while providing good customer care, many professionals continue to struggle with product sales. Any seasoned professional knows that true skin care is about more than treating a client every other month at the spa. To effectively maintain healthy aging of the skin, professionals should help each client develop a daily homecare routine. Therefore, teaching customers to practice a faithful homecare program is a priority in creating long-term, positive results. Positive results lead to developing credibility with the client, which leads to the long-term relationships we all seek.
Unlike common retailers, skin care professionals have an unbelievable advantage when it comes to building credibility and relationships with their clients. Clients seek a relationship with a professional to help them with a particular concern. Every one of those clients has a drawer full of products they have purchased that has failed to remedy their concern. They are not necessarily seeking a product when they turn to a professional. They are seeking results. Providing treatment is the first step to creating results, but the professional must teach the importance of making a commitment to keeping healthy skin. When they create this commitment, results are created and credibility is gained. As a client learns to trust their aesthetician, they will easily commit to product recommendations. This provides a unique advantage over just selling retail to clients.
If you've heard it once, you've heard it thousands of times; clients are going to buy their products somewhere. Whether it is a bar of soap or a professional cleanser that you have recommended, they will wash their face with something. The result of this decision starts with you. If you gain their confidence and teach them how to obtain balance and health in their skin, they will keep coming back.
The ultimate point is that if you properly diagnose their condition, provide appropriate treatments, and prescribe the appropriate homecare program, the client will surely see results. That client will stay with you, buy your products, and recommend many new clients to you over time. This is a sure path to growth and success.




Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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  • Comment Link Linda Harding-Bond Friday, 22 April 2016 00:38 posted by Linda Harding-Bond

    That is exactly right Amanda. Clients will purchase their products somewhere. It should be from us. So why does the spa industry continue to struggle with this issue?

    As a global consultant and trainer for Five Star spas I believe the reason is twofold.
    1. Retail training is not taught. Engagement and how to make a connection is not the same as product training. Knowing ingredients and application has nothing to do with establishing rapport.
    2. The majority of therapists are introverts so most aren't crazy about talking anyway. Even when training is delivered it's not designed for the way that we receive information.
    I have lots to say about this...

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