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Customer Appreciation

Written by   Amanda Strunk-Miller

The other day I went in for my regularly scheduled hair appointment; I did not request additional services or buy anything new. When I was finished and went to pay, I noticed my receipt had a 'VIP Discount' line under the total, with 15 percent subtracted. When I looked up to question my stylist about the markdown, she immediately smiled and said, "It's just because!" She went on to thank me for my loyalty and continued support of her business. I thought it was such a unique and genuine way for her to show her appreciation.

One of the editorial themes this month focuses on how to incorporate upselling and add-ons during a booked treatment. While skin care professionals are looking at every angle to upsell a client, it is important to recognize that clients are on the opposite end, looking to cut back and save whenever possible. Finding the middle ground amid overselling and penny-pinching is an art – it is the professional's job to discover a happy medium between the two spectrums.quote

Whether or not the professional is upselling or integrating add-ons during a treatment, customer appreciation should always be felt by the client. Taking the time to genuinely express appreciation for their business and give them undivided attention can make or break the impression they collect. When they leave the spa, they should not only look and feel great, but also feel confident with the upgrades they bought – they should not be rethinking or second-guessing the money just spent.

Take extra time to read over the material in our add-on themed articles. First, Erin Lucie details how add-on services can bring in added profit for the spa on page 68. Immediately following on page 76, Kathleen Carney discusses how to increase income with upselling and cross-selling. Both articles are guaranteed to provide great insight and explanation on the topic.

Finally, I would like to take this moment to offer my sincerest appreciation to all of our readers and supporters. It has been a pleasure working with DERMASCOPE for over 10 years, meeting readers at our events, and creating lifelong relationships with our writers and advertisers. I have been blessed with such an opportunity. Your continued support is genuinely appreciated!


Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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