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Written by Amanda Strunk Miller

Marketing your business is one of the most common business topics I read about in trade magazines. It is such a vital topic that every year we focus an issue of DERMASCOPE on it! We try to cover every angle; from how to succeed with social media to handling bad client reviews online; marketing new clientele to upselling the regulars; understanding e-mail blasts to Google ads to postcard mailers. We recognize that marketing your business enables more cash flow and seemingly more clientele for the spa. But as Josh McCarter quotes in The Business Breakdown department this month, it can cost six times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones. In addition, frequent customers spend a whole lot more than first-timers – 67 percent more!

This tells me that retention marketing is just as critical to spa success as marketing new customers. Let’s take a look at both aspects this month. You can read more about retention marketing on page 35, while pages 66 through 81 focus on digital promotions and relationship marketing. These are all great focuses for a business and each article is sure to offer something you can take and immediately apply to your occupation.

In addition to our marketing articles printed in this issue, there are hundreds of educational pieces on Visit our website to learn more about social media marketing, conversational marketing, building brand authenticity, and even holiday marketing. Marketing specifically to men, marketing for hair removal services, and even to age-appropriate demographics are all topics that can be found under our Articles tab on the main menu.

Is there something specific you would like to learn more about for your business? Let me know! I would love to hear from you with ideas for upcoming editorial topics. Let’s connect!




Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher


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