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For months, DERMASCOPE’s editorial team has been creating, developing, and strategizing for our first major announcement of 2019, and excited is an understatement. This year, in addition to the wonderful content provided in the print magazine, we are pleased to present 18 online exclusive columns each month. We’ve asked leading industry professionals to deliver monthly education on a variety of topics to be featured on DERMASCOPE.com. We are ecstatic to share the themes, topics, and content they have carefully crafted just for you, our readers, to help you in your skin care careers.
Every weekday, a new column will be released – some will even be delivered in video format! There are several business columns – such as how to manage a spa team, how to be a successful solo aesthetician, and how to begin a career as a newly licensed aesthetician – as well as columns on insurance concerns, the business side of makeup, and what’s trending in aesthetics. We also have columns on peptides, chemical peels, mandelic acid, aging, the basics of skin restoration, top skin care ingredients, and live makeup tutorials! To see a list of all of the contributing columnists and their column titles, turn to page 9.
pull quoteIn 2019, the homepage of DERMASCOPE.com will also see some changes. It will strictly showcase online exclusive content released each month, including these monthly columns. This year, DERMASCOPE.com will have its own editorial calendar theme, as well, focusing on a single topic each month. This month, you’ll find articles themed on fine lines and wrinkles on our website. Be sure to check out Ben Johnson’s “Permanent Wrinkle Reduction: Reassessing Current Approaches to Antiaging Skin Care,” Brenda Linday’s “Graceful Aging: Establishing Realistic Expectations for the Mature Client,” and Gina Thompson’s, “Prevent, Correct, Preserve: Assessing and Treating Fine Lines and Wrinkles.”
If that’s not enough, you can expect even more education delivered as it relates to industry trends and news. Weekly industry updates and even more online exclusive editorial content will be released throughout the month.
Be sure to visit our website daily as new articles are released. Every day you’ll find fresh, new content! And, for an easy and fun way to stay current with our education, follow our Instagram account. There, you’ll have direct links to videos, our monthly columns, blogs, industry news, announcements, and fun, behind-the-scenes stories with our staff! Just open the Instagram app and search for @dermascope!
We’re excited to bring you these fresh changes online this year and hope you’ll take advantage of the countless opportunities to e-learn with DERMASCOPE in 2019.

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