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Recognizing Excellence

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From a distinguished designer debuting a new line at Fashion Week to an Olympic figure skater landing the perfect double axel – it is easy to spot excellence when it is present.


The skin care industry is bursting at the seams with top-rate, professional product lines. Today, skin care professionals can choose from an agglomeration of companies when selecting the products to sell in their spas.


Through hard work and great passion, some are clearly distinguishing themselves above the rest as leaders in the industry. Lining the shelves of spas near and far, these giants are inspiring change, redefining standards, and making waves in skin care.


With the debut of this annual special section, DERMASCOPE is proud to recognize these top-notch companies and the excellence they bring to the industry.


In 2018’s Recognizing Excellence section you will find three, unique categories – Breaking the Mold, Leading Lines, and The A-List. In Breaking the Mold, get a glimpse at which companies are changing expectations in aesthetics and what sets them apart. With Leading Lines, find the industry’s hottest, best-selling, professional product lines. And finally, in the A-List, discover an awe-inspiring collection of the industry’s must-know innovators who are helping to shape the industry.


amanda6The companies found in these pages were selected on the merits of their contributions to the aesthetics industry – from exceptional product development to impressive educational efforts. These companies were carefully vetted for high standards, significant industry presence, and status as role models for aesthetic professionals across the country. Those that made it into 2018’s Recognizing Excellence section are a group that DERMASCOPE can proudly say is paving the future
of aesthetics.

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