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Thursday, 24 May 2018 11:35

Tune in with June

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This issue was one of my favorites to plan for 2018. It was fun to have our contributors tackle a multitude of reader-requested topics.


Sebaceous hyperplasia – the unsightly nodules and lesions that begin cropping up for many clients later in life – may sound complex in name, but does not have to be a source of confusion or frustration for professionals. Brenda Linday tackles this topic in “Sebaceous Hyperplasia: Gaining the Upper Hand on those Little Lesions.” While the condition has many variants, each with its own distinct features, there are many common factors that can help professionals recognize, understand, prevent, and treat this skin abnormality.


In our second article, “When Adding Body Services Makes Cents,” Ben Johnson discusses how many professionals consider boosting the services they offer through adding body treatments to their menus. Some have dreams of increasing revenue, while others see competitors incorporating these services and do not wish to be left behind. But, body services vary in popularity and potential for success once implemented. How can professionals know whether to begin offering body wraps or fat sculpting? Are all body services lucrative for all spas? You can bet he answers these questions and more.


Next, our feature article of the month was contributed by Ellie Malmin. “On Trend and Inclusive: Makeup Looks to Serve a Diverse Clientele” discusses how some clients enter the spa with larger-than-life aspirations of the makeup look they hope to achieve. Others seem to offer no clear direction for their makeup application. These tips for establishing understanding during the consultation and building a look tailored to a diverse clientele are perfect for helping clients create a makeup look they love without unnecessary guess work.


Finally, DERMASCOPE is proud to introduce our 68th Legend into the AIA Academy: Hannelore Leavy. Founder of the Day Spa Association, Leavy has been at the forefront of industry innovation and development. June’s induction article provides interesting insight into one of the originating members of aesthetics.


Whether your focus this month is spent on body treatments, skin conditions, makeup looks, or industry leaders, I’m sure you will find great education among the pages of DERMASCOPE’s June issue!

Happy reading!

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