Beneath the Surface
Thursday, 13 October 2022 13:14

Beneath the Surface

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November has arrived! It brings the season of sweater weather, giving thanks, and for DERMASCOPE readers, the best in generic hormonal education. Living with a hormonal skin condition myself, I am especially proud of this issue because of all the potential clients it can help. So, sit back and relax. It is time to go beneath the surface. 

The first primary article of this lineup inspired the selected cover for this issue. Titled “A Man’s World,” the article is written by the CEO of GM Revolution, Michael McGuire. McGuire is passionate about normalizing skin care for all men as a part of a basic hygiene and health routine, and his first primary article does not disappoint. Discover what a spa needs to draw in this blossoming group of clients.  

The second article titled “In the Family Way” covers the challenges skin may face when under the influence of pregnancy and what can be done postpartum. From melasma and rosacea to stretch marks and acne, learn it all from DERMASCOPE Ambassador and editorial advisory board member, Dasha Saian Marchese.  

Shifting the subject from the beginning of something to the end of an era, “Change of Life” is an article about the hormonal happenings of skin before, during, and after menopause, written by national director of education for G.M. Collin Skin Care, Karen Asquith. Explore how to support clients who find themselves here by understanding what exactly is happening to their bodies and what skin care professionals can do to help.  

The final article comes from industry educator, Mary Nielsen, and it explores the topic of transgender clients. Whether a client is beginning their transitioning journey or on the road of maintenance, it is important for skin care professionals to know how to treat every face that walks through their doors. Discover the considerations in the article, “Safe Space.”  

In addition to all this excellent education, this issue features an exclusive article on sheet masks. A user favorite on all fronts, learn what should be considered when selecting products for the spa. This issue really does go beneath the surface of skin treatment. We hope readers receive a few key takeaways on their path of becoming the best they can be.  


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